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Last 10 comments by sven

Comment for image #52280 5-04-2006 @ 11:59:04 AM
Posted By: sven  
Ditto on that. And if not that one, then I'll take the second black one from the left.

Comment for image #52175 5-01-2006 @ 08:54:28 AM
Posted By: sven  
Ditto for me.

Comment for image #51896 4-23-2006 @ 11:52:18 AM
Posted By: sven  
I'll second that.

Comment for image #51921 4-23-2006 @ 11:39:12 AM
Posted By: sven  
Fit has gotten good reviews. I might check one out.

Comment for image #51509 4-12-2006 @ 03:52:17 PM
Posted By: sven  
Whoops, my bad. It was a 3 cyl 2-stroke engine. They offered a V4 as well but I know that this particular Saab pictured is a 2-stroke. Thanks for the info.

Comment for image #51405 4-09-2006 @ 02:45:31 PM
Posted By: sven  
super wide!!!1!11!

Comment for image #42300 4-09-2006 @ 02:43:57 PM
Posted By: sven  
Good thing I was late to arrive.

Comment for image #39882 3-31-2006 @ 01:43:26 PM
Posted By: sven  
Oh wow that is pretty nice. The headlights are alright, don't really care about that. That body has a very nice shape.

Comment for image #50930 3-31-2006 @ 01:38:21 PM
Posted By: sven  
Looks very clean to me

Comment for image #51087 3-29-2006 @ 08:11:09 PM
Posted By: sven  
Is it supposed to look like that or did the axle come off?

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