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Last 10 comments by three50one

Comment for image #88965 3-02-2013 @ 08:41:38 AM
Posted By: three50one  
I've seen an imported Scorpio. Looks a lot different. I've actually seen a lot of Merkurs. Even David Godfrey's with the 3.0 duratec turbo.

It also helps that I live less then an hour from Carlisle and enjoy the Ford Nationals.

Comment for image #88730 2-16-2013 @ 08:34:06 PM
Posted By: three50one  
Fiance wants me to get a Swedish plate that says EFINSWEDE

Not sure if want

On a side note i saw a vanity plate on an older 9-3 that said "KMO SBEE" made me chuckle.

Comment for image #27207 2-14-2013 @ 06:19:44 PM
Posted By: three50one  
I don't see an Intercooler and automatically think it's hooked up in this day and age.

Comment for image #68763 1-18-2013 @ 05:24:53 PM
Posted By: three50one  
I was looking at them and then I realized I hate how they sound.

Comment for image #88783 1-14-2013 @ 05:56:58 PM
Posted By: three50one  
I feel like that is a Monte Carlo SS front fascia.

Comment for image #85988 1-13-2013 @ 11:00:49 PM
Posted By: three50one  
I would really like this. I would.

I do.

Comment for image #88769 1-11-2013 @ 11:02:40 PM
Posted By: three50one  
I believe he was saying the difficulty of moving a car from California to Pennsylvania would be not so easy. You can register a car from anywhere in Pa. My new Saab spent most of its life in Florida then trailored up here and registered in MD. I'm waiting on the title to register it in Pa.

Depends what county you live in. Mine doesn't put salt down and after seeing the inner bits of my Taurus being almost rust free I am happy with that.

Comment for image #88748 1-03-2013 @ 08:17:34 PM
Posted By: three50one  
You're assuming you have a closed cockpit.

They're cages with a couple skid plates.

Comment for image #88748 1-03-2013 @ 06:35:54 AM
Posted By: three50one  
Sometimes they go through damp environments and event dust can collect on any plastic. That means that you need a way to wash it. Washing it adds weight. Weight it bad.

They have plastic on their helmet visors they rip off when they become too dirty. Glare would be a very bad thing.

Comment for image #88730 12-31-2012 @ 04:32:03 PM
Posted By: three50one  
Can only remove the "key" in park.

Fun fact: manual has an illustrated page dedicated to putting two loaded golf bags in the trunk of a convertible.

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