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Last 10 comments by wannabemustangjockey

Comment for image #90689 1-18-2021 @ 05:50:03 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
San Francisco. I went to the annual club meeting of the Arcane Auto Society of which one of my relatives is a club member.

Comment for image #97507 1-18-2021 @ 05:37:08 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
It's on Wiki as being delivered new to the Netherlands.

Comment for image #97512 1-18-2021 @ 05:30:29 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I remember seeing one of these at the SF auto show some years back. I assume it was the upstart DiRF is talking about. I think I posted it here but it didn't survive the Great Photobucket Pogrom.

Comment for image #86418 1-14-2021 @ 09:59:03 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey

Comment for image #85965 1-08-2021 @ 12:18:47 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
Thanks, I had finally gotten that theme song out of my head.

Comment for image #86970 1-06-2021 @ 03:28:32 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
This is still one of my favorite cars I've ever found on the street.

Comment for image #59514 1-01-2021 @ 08:55:14 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I have this red version and the black Limited release. Those were the two I wanted.

The blue one's not bad but I'm not paying $200 for the car carrier set and I don't need any of the liveried race cars.

Comment for image #52416 12-25-2020 @ 04:44:33 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I saw a base black AW11 the other day, so base it didn't have a spoiler. But it had a custom license plate so somebody cares about it.

Comment for image #94221 12-22-2020 @ 03:30:39 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
The Maserati Marzipan was a short-lived model popular in the UK, known for its sweet handling and sticky tires, but moisture ate them all up.

Comment for image #94221 12-18-2020 @ 09:17:06 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
Yeah, but I've heard that one is particularly temperamental and leaks.

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