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Last 10 comments by wannabemustangjockey

Comment for image #4523 2-12-2019 @ 03:41:45 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
Id venture that most people only know about this car as a playworn magenta Lesney Matchbox Superfast toy.

Comment for image #97137 2-11-2019 @ 10:07:50 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
When your German near-luxury compact has to look like a Japanese economy hatchback.

Comment for image #86428 2-08-2019 @ 11:18:21 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
Reminds me of a bizarro-world 1965 Mazda MX-6.

Comment for image #66520 2-06-2019 @ 06:09:24 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
The plastic panels may not dent, but they damn sure chip and scratch easily if my mother's VUE is any indication.

Comment for image #97136 2-02-2019 @ 01:30:11 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
Also, the motion blur on the cars hides their non-NASCAR-ness to some extent. The average idiot might not even notice they have four doors.

I always liked the TOCA games. TOCA 2 Touring Car Challenge and Pro Race Driver were important titles in my formative years.

Comment for image #66520 1-30-2019 @ 01:50:00 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I know I'd sure want to have the only Saturn Ion in Finland.

Scratch that, I wouldn't want a Saturn Ion anywhere.

Comment for image #95884 1-29-2019 @ 06:55:29 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I was a bit triggered by the lack of a "70s" feel other than *some* of the cars used, and the music. :P

Nice to see that his creative vision was undeterred by bad FPS roughly on par with what I get on my PC.

Comment for image #97131 1-27-2019 @ 11:33:07 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey
Here you go.

Comment for image #97131 1-27-2019 @ 02:57:18 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
*watches prices of Mk IVs jump*

Comment for image #97134 1-27-2019 @ 02:53:35 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
Reminds me of the 2008 Car & Driver April Fool's joke.

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