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Last 10 comments by wannabemustangjockey

Comment for image #97444 10-21-2020 @ 12:55:24 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
Well if you don't want to talk about those, shall we discuss the Crossroad instead?

Comment for image #97446 10-21-2020 @ 12:39:36 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I always liked these somewhat. They have an oddball look to them like they don't quite belong here, and they're uncommon enough that you could probably lie to the average person and claim you imported it from Europe or something. And the later models could be had with a supercharger, so there's that.

Comment for image #97444 10-21-2020 @ 12:29:49 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
If we're comparing Supras, I still like the Mark II best. It's not wild fast, I just like it for that angular, wedge-y 80s Toyota look. P-Type wheels and fliplights, and looks great in almost any color. Sadly, good ones aren't cheap anymore.

Comment for image #97326 10-19-2020 @ 03:43:17 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
If it makes you feel better, the bumper looks like a circa 1994 Mitsubishi L200/Mighty Max item with fog lamps added.

Comment for image #97427 10-12-2020 @ 02:50:09 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I remember photographing a red Stinger at an auto show but I don't recall if I posted it here. Could have disappeared in the great Photobucket purge.

Comment for image #97427 10-11-2020 @ 03:36:55 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
"200 to dispatch. Request to deploy a stinger"
"Copy 200 but you've already got one, and four more behind you."

Comment for image #97399 10-01-2020 @ 09:02:38 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I love the catch-all nickname I've heard for any replica of the Watanabe/Panasport/Koenig Rewind type wheel, "Panofsorts".

Comment for image #97402 9-30-2020 @ 09:12:13 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
Someone must really care about this one. It's in better condition than most of the early Sprinters I see out here in California.

Comment for image #97385 9-29-2020 @ 11:37:47 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
If you thought Christine was evil, just imagine how angsty her little cousin Bradley is.

Comment for image #59064 9-28-2020 @ 08:26:41 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I miss Toys R Us.

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