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Last 10 comments by wannabemustangjockey

Comment for image #47327 1-27-2020 @ 11:21:33 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
If you're going the L67 route, just get a Regal GS. Less stupid-looking '90s GM switchgear than most and you can still maybe find one in a senior citizen's garage for dirt cheap. I'm not biased at all.

Comment for image #56342 1-20-2020 @ 07:03:36 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey

Comment for image #97281 1-15-2020 @ 03:48:44 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I admit the first thing it reminded me of was the Rover TCV concept.

Comment for image #65178 12-27-2019 @ 07:46:03 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
The ones that survive past the Craigslist hood cruiser/Midwest rustbucket stage, perhaps. They might be at or near the bottom of the value curve right now.
It's one of the reasons I don't want to sell my L67 Regal GS, it's worth almost nothing and would just get cheap oversized chrome rims thrown on it and/or be driven into the ground. Hell, I doubt my 6000 STE will ever be considered collectible either, just a curiosity that's hard to get parts for. I keep them for the sentimental value, and both are eligible for Radwood shows if I ever get the Pontiac running again.

Comment for image #39494 12-27-2019 @ 07:38:33 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
Crap photo but I always liked these wagons. They never were all that common around here.

Comment for image #65178 12-27-2019 @ 06:59:26 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
Bonneville and Torrent GXP also?

Comment for image #94347 12-27-2019 @ 06:58:45 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I'd go with a Dodge Avenger SXT in Sunburst Orange or Mango Tango pearl with either the 2.4L or the 3.5.
I think a Peterbilt 379 could be made sufficiently sinister looking to pull off the bad-guy role.

Comment for image #97274 12-11-2019 @ 11:16:39 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I must admit, GM has done a masterful job of producing four entire brand lineups of vehicles I donít like.

Comment for image #97231 11-30-2019 @ 03:53:47 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
Well done! Your prize is a cookie of your choice, once you go to the store and pay for it. :D

Comment for image #96515 11-26-2019 @ 01:56:12 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I like it! Let's buy it. I'm gonna miss the old one, though.

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