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Last 10 comments by wannabemustangjockey

Comment for image #97295 4-05-2020 @ 04:44:48 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I'll take the '63 Galaxie on the right.

Comment for image #95651 4-01-2020 @ 01:14:34 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey

Comment for image #59795 3-25-2020 @ 10:46:44 PM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
The only one I've ever seen slink away with a Stout Scarab was a detective, not a major.

Comment for image #96017 3-25-2020 @ 01:41:11 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
It looks like they have "Gran Sport" badging on the doors in place of the "Regal" script (which are fragile plastic and both are broken on my car from being hooked on sponges and towels). Chrome LS grille and what appears to be Century taillights because of the chrome surround.

Comment for image #97294 3-21-2020 @ 01:14:15 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I've been doing alright, considering my whole fracking state is under a shelter in place order. My job is considered essential (laundry service) so I'm still working daily even though my hours are shorter due to decreased demand. My dad just informed me someone tested positive in my grandma's senior home, which worries me because she can't go anywhere, she's 95, and my dad just visited the place a little less than two weeks ago. I just hung out with my dad this week. And both of us have asthma. I can't afford not to work so I'm going to have to be careful, both for my sake and my aging mom.

Comment for image #92698 3-11-2020 @ 12:37:24 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I'll try spinning, that's a good trick!

*understeers off road*

Comment for image #55425 3-11-2020 @ 12:35:15 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
Maybe it's Buffer Tire and the sign hasn't finished loading yet.

Comment for image #55425 3-10-2020 @ 12:51:10 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
I misread the shop name as Butter Tire.

I hear butter tires are most popular in areas with salted roads, especially in the corn belt.

Comment for image #97278 3-10-2020 @ 12:39:01 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
Some say that Karen vanished after demanding to speak to a manager. Her mystery is unsolved only because no one wants to.

Comment for image #92698 3-10-2020 @ 12:36:38 AM
Posted By: wannabemustangjockey  
Ah yes, the Lunds-class ekranoplan.

*welds jet engines to Eldorado and attempts to drive across Lake Calhoun*

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