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Last 10 comments by warlock

Comment for image #24325 4-02-2004 @ 09:39:43 AM
Posted By: warlock  
IM still around here :)
And thanks.

Comment for image #27148 9-16-2003 @ 10:19:50 AM
Posted By: warlock  
Note that blower is a "hilborn" scoop and this scoop is fully functional as a "hood scoop". The flaps are attached via cable to the throttle body cable. During full throttle, the flaps are fully engaged. A flexible tubing is attached to the AEM intake which in turn is attached to the Aluminium base plate of the hilborn scoop. Also inside the scoop there is an air filter which came with the scoop. Because of the SS hood scoop already attached to my hood, I do have more room to play with. Also the base plate is attached to the hood with reinforcement bars. This has added more weight on the hood but I did notice a vacuum like effect when throttle is fully engaged. I don't really know why but it feel nice.


Comment for image #24325 6-30-2003 @ 10:52:01 AM
Posted By: warlock  

Comment for image #13827 6-24-2003 @ 11:37:48 AM
Posted By: warlock  
Got Camber?

Comment for image #24525 6-24-2003 @ 11:32:53 AM
Posted By: warlock  
I dont think this one is handicapped, but from His parking job, He/She certainly belongs on the special olympics parking team.

Comment for image #24529 6-24-2003 @ 11:22:47 AM
Posted By: warlock  
What is strange, Is I saw a car just like this on My way to work this morning. Except it was the newer bodystyle, and it was more obnoxious. It was a yellow nose to red color flamejob all done up in relflective "Rainbow Diamond Plate" kind of stickers, with a funny car hood scoop (You know the one Im talking about) and what looks like an STI wing, mounted ontop of the factory spoiler. Not to mention the bling bling 20's it was rolling on.

I wish I had My digi cam :(

Or not. It may have broken it.....

Comment for image #22339 6-19-2003 @ 03:26:02 PM
Posted By: warlock  
DAMNIT! You should have saved that bullet for this POS.

Comment for image #24369 6-19-2003 @ 03:25:03 PM
Posted By: warlock  
Do you meow I pulled You over?

Comment for image #24367 6-19-2003 @ 03:01:17 PM
Posted By: warlock  
I cant think of anything that can make a 911 Turbo dull.

Comment for image #24359 6-19-2003 @ 12:22:06 PM
Posted By: warlock  
Cant get into this one, thats just mean.

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