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Last 10 comments by Bmarc

Comment for image #63924 5-31-2007 @ 01:32:40 PM
Posted By: Bmarc  
I have the same pair of Adidas. Only skate shoes fit my feet really. Even wide shoes aren't enough. My work boots are EE's, I have FAT feet.

Comment for image #63660 5-21-2007 @ 11:14:47 PM
Posted By: Bmarc  
I saw this at the Detroit Auto Show back in January, it is a pretty sweet looking car.

Comment for image #62709 4-21-2007 @ 01:28:30 AM
Posted By: Bmarc  
There are lots of these trucks here in Nova Scotia.

Comment for image #62264 4-06-2007 @ 01:51:19 AM
Posted By: Bmarc  
Chrysler is not doing well at all. They lost $1.5 Billion last year, which is the main reason for selling. Well that and the approximated $22 Billion they will be paying for pensioners which will only be increasing.

I have been following this pretty closely (I work for Siemens VDO Automotive as an engineer and we do a lot of work for Chrysler) since I was first announced back in Feb that Daimler was considering all options for Chrysler. Ford has not even expressed intrest once. They were a few companies looking at the possibilty. GM and Renault/Nissian both openly admitted to talking with Daimler but I don't think either of them will bother touching it. I see this one going to a private equailty firm that will tear the company apart and sell the pieces.

Chrysler is a money pit plain and simpler. Daimler paid 35 billion for the company in 98 and they are now getting offers ranging from 4 to 8 billion according to reports.

Comment for image #61392 3-08-2007 @ 08:53:14 PM
Posted By: Bmarc  
Stretching tires = ghey

Comment for image #60656 2-13-2007 @ 10:22:14 PM
Posted By: Bmarc  
To bad every cav and sunfire I see here in Ontario has a fart can on it. It all balances out though because there are lots of nice old cars around here.

Comment for image #60654 2-13-2007 @ 10:03:40 PM
Posted By: Bmarc  
Its a snowmobile with tires.

Comment for image #60435 2-07-2007 @ 10:22:55 PM
Posted By: Bmarc  
How could you not chose this!?!?!

RWD, V8 with 362hp, 391ft-lbs of torque and a 6 speed manual trans.

Comment for image #60330 2-04-2007 @ 05:07:51 PM
Posted By: Bmarc  
Jolf FTW

JTIs are so nice.

Comment for image #59796 1-22-2007 @ 05:33:47 PM
Posted By: Bmarc  
The exhaust pipes are in a horrible position. Other then that looks like a cool bike.

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