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Last 10 comments by FV

Comment for image #8246 7-22-2002 @ 04:49:37 PM
Posted By: FV  
33,000? huh. there`s a turbo kit for z28 on the net (forgot the site`s name...if you look it up on google, it should be easy to find) that goes for 5,000 and gives you something like 500 hp/torque at 12 psi I believe...the max on the kit is 16 psi
that allows you to run low 12`s
they also have a project z28 with that turbo pushing 700 hp

Comment for image #8246 7-22-2002 @ 04:29:10 PM
Posted By: FV  
opinion poll!
which car looks better - SS or Supra?
i say SS

Comment for image #8246 7-22-2002 @ 04:26:53 PM
Posted By: FV  
I saw an ad for a 93 TT Supra selling for $30K recently...for that money, I`ll get a 2001 Camaro SS and smoke that Supra in every gear...and if I spend a couple grand on bolt-ons, there`s no way that supra would catch up to me
supras are cool, but not exactly all that fast if stock

Comment for image #8246 7-22-2002 @ 04:15:41 PM
Posted By: FV  
seriously though...the car`s performance is reduced to minimal with all this tacky shit
and the wing! the wing! its not just the camera angle, it is f*cking enormous

Comment for image #8245 7-22-2002 @ 03:50:26 PM
Posted By: FV
image url
there`s closeups of the car also

Comment for image #2542 7-22-2002 @ 03:47:35 PM
Posted By: FV  
previous gen eclipse
there`s so much of them here its hard not to recognize it
and they`re all riced out too

Comment for image #2076 5-01-2002 @ 09:06:12 PM
Posted By: FV  
real type r`s are all white
"type R sticker - $25
gay-ass type Rish rims - $600
type R spoiler - $200
second RSX type R in the States - priceless"

Comment for image #5156 5-01-2002 @ 08:56:36 PM
Posted By: FV  
they should make a new version of that poster, those cars aren`t all that great anymore

Comment for image #5151 5-01-2002 @ 03:36:15 PM
Posted By: FV  
what is even more interesting is the strange contraption on top of the windshield...a windshield obstructor for when you need that reduced visibility?

Comment for image #5154 5-01-2002 @ 03:31:52 PM
Posted By: FV  
"this look is extremely popular in places like this guy`s mind"
can`t say it better than Trooper =)

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