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Other info: Yo, guys. I'm 18, and i love cars. My two rules in life, are: always carry
around your digital camera...and never worry about what the person who
owns the car your photgraphing will do to you. Feel free to e-mail me at, or instant message (aim) me at
AudiobahnBeast or (windows messenger) under the same name.

Last 10 comments by GMer

Comment for image #5134 12-21-2002 @ 01:25:20 AM
Posted By: GMer  
nick u are a should do stand up i think

Comment for image #3508 12-21-2002 @ 01:13:17 AM
Posted By: GMer  
and they look just about as good...a little boxier, and flip up headlights, but otherwise identical besides the weight

Comment for image #3508 12-21-2002 @ 01:12:24 AM
Posted By: GMer  
ok well...the weight on these cars kills them
almost a 3800lb curb weight...that is like equivalent to a buick park avenue...222hp isn'd all that adequate hp for that kinda weight....the buicks have 240hp for instance!!!!!! your best bet is pre-94 3000gt, which have the EXACT same engines, but only weigh 3100lbs...

Comment for image #5608 12-21-2002 @ 01:07:40 AM
Posted By: GMer  
944=poor man's porsche...same with boxter today

Comment for image #11555 12-21-2002 @ 01:05:37 AM
Posted By: GMer  
this said gsx on it

Comment for image #12186 12-21-2002 @ 01:04:37 AM
Posted By: GMer  
cough cough maximas r better

Comment for image #11555 12-21-2002 @ 12:55:21 AM
Posted By: GMer  
mmm gsx... i saw one of these today on my way to visit my new car

Comment for image #15664 12-21-2002 @ 12:48:50 AM
Posted By: GMer  
purrrrrrrrrrrrrple...bahahahahaaa. maximas r better!

Comment for image #15148 12-21-2002 @ 12:33:31 AM
Posted By: GMer  
know what mazdas r nice? the mazda 6 (its new) (220hp) and the mazdaspeed protege, (the new stock tuboed protege) stock mx6's r nice too

Comment for image #11778 12-21-2002 @ 12:31:33 AM
Posted By: GMer  

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