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Last 10 comments by Jole1979

Comment for image #12602 10-13-2002 @ 09:49:44 AM
Posted By: Jole1979  
ditch the wing, ditch the wheel,s ditch the emblem, and then after all that, ditch the driver, and give this car to someone who will use it for it's intended purpose, being a point a to point be car, and not some damn ridiculous riced out piece of sh!t

Comment for image #6320 6-02-2002 @ 05:38:35 PM
Posted By: Jole1979  
only thing I can see these on freightliner, nothing else would look good with these things.

Comment for image #1023 5-20-2002 @ 03:41:53 PM
Posted By: Jole1979  
timless? yea, I guess it is timless, seeing as I don't see a tim in this photo. Now timeless it is as well, any design that lasts this long without major changes is timeless, unlike 99.9% of all honda's, toyotas, and nissan's

Comment for image #2937 5-17-2002 @ 01:22:35 PM
Posted By: Jole1979  
Appears to be an 80's to early 90's mustang

Comment for image #5421 5-17-2002 @ 01:20:28 PM
Posted By: Jole1979  
heh, no clue

Comment for image #5421 5-17-2002 @ 10:14:01 AM
Posted By: Jole1979  
bahahahahahhahaah right where this pos belongs! #1 ricer, I can't beleive what this schmuck did to this thing

Comment for image #5755 5-16-2002 @ 10:48:23 PM
Posted By: Jole1979  
I agree with that, I hate it when you get about 3497393406592365 (severely exagerrated) cars in an hour on the site, because of some post-whore

Comment for image #5742 5-16-2002 @ 05:19:51 PM
Posted By: Jole1979  
sad isn't it?

Comment for image #509 5-16-2002 @ 03:10:13 PM
Posted By: Jole1979  
loose the stock spoiler? I think not. I wouldn't want it to fall off!

and no I am not losing the spoiler, it's not a wing, notice the fact that it does not stand 3 ft from the trunk of the car, it came off the assembly line, and will probably still have it attached when I am buried in the car

Comment for image #1830 5-14-2002 @ 04:28:54 PM
Posted By: Jole1979  
not to mention that front bumper!

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