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Real Name: Nick
Location: U.S.A.F.
Car you drive: 1989 IROC-z and 1989 Acura
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Last 10 comments by Metalhead

Comment for image #4771 4-22-2002 @ 06:01:26 PM
Posted By: Metalhead  
Ha! What a loser...the only reason the other car was cool was because it actually HAD the sticker on the side. This guy just bought some wallmart lettering kit and slapped it on a white piece of plastic. Sorry, dont like it. That owner needs to be put down. Nice thought though, poor execution....(Kinda like Hitler huh?)

Comment for image #3914 4-22-2002 @ 05:57:36 PM
Posted By: Metalhead  
*kkuurnncch* *cchhhuunnnnkkk* *gguurrrrnnchhkkk**cccooonncccchhkk** kinnnccchhh*
(Transformer sound)

Comment for image #3914 4-22-2002 @ 05:54:11 PM
Posted By: Metalhead  
I dig the transformers sticker......thats about it.

Comment for image #3089 4-22-2002 @ 05:45:38 PM
Posted By: Metalhead  
Hey, what can you say, he's a conserative ricer.....(is that possible?)

Comment for image #3089 4-22-2002 @ 05:44:31 PM
Posted By: Metalhead  
Apparently it already had one.

Comment for image #4695 4-22-2002 @ 11:37:11 AM
Posted By: Metalhead  
The front end is so it can eat all the rice it can going down the road.

Comment for image #2421 4-16-2002 @ 06:27:51 PM
Posted By: Metalhead  
Can I have the shiny chrome thingy on top?

Comment for image #3958 4-16-2002 @ 06:20:36 PM
Posted By: Metalhead  
The question is not "WHO" but "HOW MANY" do I have to kill to get one.

Comment for image #2415 4-16-2002 @ 10:40:04 AM
Posted By: Metalhead  
Looks like ass.

Comment for image #3267 4-16-2002 @ 09:28:25 AM
Posted By: Metalhead  
Whatever it is, its cool as shit.

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