Username: TinIndian
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Real Name: Craig
Location: Staatsburg, NY
Car you drive: 1986 Chevy Caprice (305ci) (and ocassionally my wife's '91 Lumina 3.1)
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Last 10 comments by TinIndian

Comment for image #34006 6-08-2005 @ 11:49:21 AM
Posted By: TinIndian  

Comment for image #34006 6-08-2005 @ 11:46:15 AM
Posted By: TinIndian  
rice - to take a decent looking automobile and make it look like something from a mange-infested dogs ass

Comment for image #40294 6-08-2005 @ 11:44:01 AM
Posted By: TinIndian  
would have to be air bags.. that thing dont move while its down there.. lol

Comment for image #41109 6-08-2005 @ 11:38:41 AM
Posted By: TinIndian  
needs to tape them ears down 'fore they catch on somethin'

Comment for image #13503 6-08-2005 @ 11:33:58 AM
Posted By: TinIndian  
budget rice.. yeeeah baybee

Comment for image #41118 6-08-2005 @ 11:32:22 AM
Posted By: TinIndian  
Ill stick with my Triumph.. tho the Porsche does kick ass

Comment for image #41117 6-08-2005 @ 11:22:55 AM
Posted By: TinIndian  
what a colossal piece of shit..... cant believe GM slapped the Hummer name on it.. it should be the next gen Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade shitbox.. at least theyre already a disgrace

Comment for image #41107 6-08-2005 @ 11:15:40 AM
Posted By: TinIndian  
someone should slap the shit outta that guy

Comment for image #40565 6-08-2005 @ 11:00:38 AM
Posted By: TinIndian  
The only thing that could make that cooler is cargo in the back.. specifically a WW2 Harley Davidson WLA sittin next to a WW2 BMW R12

Comment for image #40565 6-08-2005 @ 10:58:36 AM
Posted By: TinIndian  
you da man, LTR =)

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