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Last 10 comments by blackcat77

Comment for image #86135 11-25-2011 @ 02:21:44 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
Great to see a performance car that really performs.

Comment for image #86095 11-21-2011 @ 04:12:09 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
Stylin'! Great car.

Comment for image #85939 11-04-2011 @ 04:14:19 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
Cool as hell! Put a steam whistle on it and I'd drive that thing all over town.

Comment for image #85924 11-02-2011 @ 01:19:43 AM
Posted By: blackcat77  
It was a nice looking car to begin with. Too bad they covered it with plastic junk later on.

Comment for image #85851 10-17-2011 @ 03:08:29 AM
Posted By: blackcat77  
With his talent and personality, he could have been a big part of a resurgence in the popularity of open-wheel racing and now he is gone. The sport, and all who love it, are diminished by his loss.

Comment for image #85798 10-06-2011 @ 04:31:07 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
That's a 2CV, right? I don't hate it

Comment for image #85784 10-05-2011 @ 01:54:24 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
Looks like a COPO.

Comment for image #85429 9-01-2011 @ 08:38:36 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
I like it, I think. I'd like to see some more angles but this is a lot better than the average homage car.

Comment for image #85201 8-11-2011 @ 08:30:48 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
I don't think that's going to pass the side-impact test. But I do like it.

Comment for image #85063 7-22-2011 @ 03:45:56 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
Skid, I'm 59 years old and have been putting up with it my entire life. Cold war, Vietnam, Desert Storm and on and on. The craziest part of it is that the worst decisions the country is making, the more vocal the screwballs get.

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