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Last 10 comments by blackcat77

Comment for image #86135 11-25-2011 @ 02:21:44 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
Great to see a performance car that really performs.

Comment for image #86095 11-21-2011 @ 04:12:09 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
Stylin'! Great car.

Comment for image #85939 11-04-2011 @ 04:14:19 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
Cool as hell! Put a steam whistle on it and I'd drive that thing all over town.

Comment for image #85924 11-02-2011 @ 01:19:43 AM
Posted By: blackcat77  
It was a nice looking car to begin with. Too bad they covered it with plastic junk later on.

Comment for image #85851 10-17-2011 @ 03:08:29 AM
Posted By: blackcat77  
With his talent and personality, he could have been a big part of a resurgence in the popularity of open-wheel racing and now he is gone. The sport, and all who love it, are diminished by his loss.

Comment for image #85798 10-06-2011 @ 04:31:07 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
That's a 2CV, right? I don't hate it

Comment for image #85784 10-05-2011 @ 01:54:24 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
Looks like a COPO.

Comment for image #85754 10-01-2011 @ 11:10:18 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
Quick - more tacky decals! There's still some paint showing.

Comment for image #85429 9-01-2011 @ 08:38:36 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
I like it, I think. I'd like to see some more angles but this is a lot better than the average homage car.

Comment for image #85201 8-11-2011 @ 08:30:48 PM
Posted By: blackcat77  
I don't think that's going to pass the side-impact test. But I do like it.

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