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Other info: when i'm not urinating on myself i search for burnt rice.

Last 10 comments by brentpaugh

Comment for image #732 5-26-2002 @ 01:53:13 AM
Posted By: brentpaugh  
even worse. i saw frankie munez the kid from malcolm in the middle on conan o' brien and he bought one of the actual cars from the fast and the furious. he said his mom disabled the nitrous. he wasn't too sure of what it did anyways. he drives it unnoticeably around california. what an idiot!

Comment for image #5705 5-16-2002 @ 04:06:52 PM
Posted By: brentpaugh  
yeah, thats what my face looks like from chasing down all these ricers and getting smoke blown in my face from those excessive pointless coffee can exhausts.

Comment for image #5705 5-16-2002 @ 07:51:33 AM
Posted By: brentpaugh  
check out the coffee can hanging out the back at the usual 45 degree angle pointing towards the road. VERY COOL!

Comment for image #5514 5-10-2002 @ 05:39:19 PM
Posted By: brentpaugh  
dont have sex with fat hoes on the hood of your car!!!!

Comment for image #5511 5-10-2002 @ 05:35:06 PM
Posted By: brentpaugh  
looks like a sandbag. maybe it was in a play. horrible curtain accident.

Comment for image #5149 5-10-2002 @ 05:28:23 PM
Posted By: brentpaugh  
blackout rims ... stylish! the 4 door civic is a sleeper!

Comment for image #483 3-20-2002 @ 05:45:17 PM
Posted By: brentpaugh  
there is a restaurant called joes crab shack that sells a similar shirt.

Comment for image #2041 3-15-2002 @ 05:23:39 PM
Posted By: brentpaugh  
check out the backview of the same car:

Comment for image #732 2-13-2002 @ 07:11:01 PM
Posted By: brentpaugh  
talons.. er ... eclipses are not fast

Comment for image #50 1-23-2002 @ 03:32:48 PM
Posted By: brentpaugh  
you know you bought the wrong body kit when:
1) you have one exhaust tip and the kit has two spots (the correction is not to add a second non-working tip)
2) adding the kit would cause you to have 3 locations for a license plate (not including lodged in the corner of your front windshield or barely visible in the back window)

another example of the 2 license plate holder disese:

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