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Other info: BLARGH!!! I have two turbos... that's better than your one!

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Comment for image #5989 6-30-2002 @ 01:58:31 PM
Posted By: unclemeat777  
Vipers are slow, compared to the majority or sports cars. I don't know where you get that a Honda will come from the factory with as much power as you will get out of it. How many 10 sec or faster Hondas are there? How many 10 sec or faster Vipers are there? They are nice cars, but it's not anything special to beat one. VR4 will run 13's stock no problem, Viper will run high 12's. Some driving lessons and a cheap bolt on or two will kill a Viper. Big deal.

Comment for image #5989 6-29-2002 @ 08:36:20 PM
Posted By: unclemeat777  
Vipers are slow... especially for such a big motor.

Comment for image #7188 6-28-2002 @ 05:55:24 PM
Posted By: unclemeat777  
This car made me cry. It's kinda like Ebola or the Boogey Man, you always hear stories but never think you'll actually encounter the real thing.

Comment for image #3725 5-29-2002 @ 02:42:22 AM
Posted By: unclemeat777  
you're right... but there have been PLENTY of cars with obviously lightweight hoods on this site and many others... where people will see them and call it rice, when they serve a VERY meaningful purpose.

Comment for image #3725 5-29-2002 @ 02:37:54 AM
Posted By: unclemeat777  
I hate people that are too stupid to understand the point of hood pins.

Factory latch - made of steel or other strong metal. Great.

However, if you have a lightweight (c/f, etc) hood, you're not going to have a strong latch. You'll either have a c/f latch... or a steel latch that is bonded to c/f. Either way, it will easily break off.

Unless you retards LIKE having a hood slam into your windshield at 100mph... I'd suggest pins to go with your aftermarket hood. :-/

Comment for image #3879 5-23-2002 @ 11:06:09 AM
Posted By: unclemeat777  
If you ask me, you're both a bunch of turds. :-)

Comment for image #5765 5-17-2002 @ 11:47:53 AM
Posted By: unclemeat777  
yeah... here's the rest of his mod list

mom shift knob, aluminum valve cover, billit aluminum dash trim, type-R badging, JDM fuel tank cover.... and on and on.

Why would you put a mitsu engine in a probe? It'd probably be slower, regardles of the extra 0.2 liters or whatever you get over stock.

Comment for image #5771 5-17-2002 @ 11:43:58 AM
Posted By: unclemeat777  
I like that car, don't like GT3.

Comment for image #5592 5-13-2002 @ 04:06:08 PM
Posted By: unclemeat777  
there's actually a cavalier in my little town that has a NICE looking subtle body kit on it... still a cavalier, but far better looking than these repulsive beasts. I'll have to get a pic of it next time.

Comment for image #5592 5-13-2002 @ 01:19:59 PM
Posted By: unclemeat777  
make the cavs die!!!

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