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URL: http://riceornot.ricecop.com/?auto=3725
Submitted by: ginsu417
Comments: 32  (Read/Post)     Favorites: 2  (View)
Submitted on: 04-09-2002
View Stats Category: Car
Oh baby... I love it when you look at me that way...


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4-09-2002 @ 10:47:06 AM
Posted By : cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
Ahh now I see. I did see one of these the other day. One of 2 I think but after the fatf I think more are over here. I just picked up on something fat f. Short for we all know what and fat fu@#.

4-10-2002 @ 02:53:26 PM
Posted By : Jon Reply | Edit | Del
Damn hood pins.....What's the purpose?

4-10-2002 @ 02:56:26 PM
Posted By : mr_mcmunkee Reply | Edit | Del
Look, the car has nipples...now this is a car that could use a bra.

5-09-2002 @ 08:02:13 PM
Posted By : Iceman404 Reply | Edit | Del
so the hood doesn't fly off at speed. I'm guessing it can go that fast cuz of the huge intercooler...

5-09-2002 @ 08:07:54 PM
Posted By : firebird4ever Reply | Edit | Del
Hey Iceman, you know what works really well for keeping on a hood? The factory latch...

5-29-2002 @ 02:37:54 AM
Posted By : unclemeat777 Reply | Edit | Del
I hate people that are too stupid to understand the point of hood pins.

Factory latch - made of steel or other strong metal. Great.

However, if you have a lightweight (c/f, etc) hood, you're not going to have a strong latch. You'll either have a c/f latch... or a steel latch that is bonded to c/f. Either way, it will easily break off.

Unless you retards LIKE having a hood slam into your windshield at 100mph... I'd suggest pins to go with your aftermarket hood. :-/

5-29-2002 @ 02:40:56 AM
Posted By : Mr Hawk Reply | Edit | Del
Hoodpins are great if it's a race car or the car has lightweight parts, but most ricer don't have either of them, that's what's rice, not the actual hood pins.

5-29-2002 @ 02:42:22 AM
Posted By : unclemeat777 Reply | Edit | Del
you're right... but there have been PLENTY of cars with obviously lightweight hoods on this site and many others... where people will see them and call it rice, when they serve a VERY meaningful purpose.

5-29-2002 @ 02:46:01 AM
Posted By : Mr Hawk Reply | Edit | Del
Often those cars are so messed up anyway that the hood pins is the least riceiest part.

5-29-2002 @ 03:41:23 AM
Posted By : cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
But then there are bonnets that open the other way. Now bonnet pins on them I dont really understand, at least when they are at the front where the hinges are.

6-03-2002 @ 07:51:02 PM
Posted By : CRXtrackguy Reply | Edit | Del
those "hood pins" would go right through the top of the radiator, and that's a stock hood to boot.

6-21-2002 @ 08:56:48 AM
Posted By : mr_mcmunkee Reply | Edit | Del
They have a lot of "stick-on" or novelty, nonfunctional hoodpins in different colors that they sell to riceboys...I've seen them on FACTORY HOODS! They rarely "INSTALL" (ricers LOVE THAT WORD, haha) correctly. They're usually crooked.

9-17-2002 @ 09:05:54 PM
Posted By : Adambomb Reply | Edit | Del
I bet those will come in handy

10-31-2002 @ 06:23:39 AM
Posted By : 95T-Bird Reply | Edit | Del
why oh why does every ricer have an intercooler? I've driven 440 Mopars, they didn't need them and that 440 was gnereating three times the power in a car twice as heavy. It did have hood pin, and they served a function. So what we have is a Ricer trying to look like a 440 Challenger and just looking stupid in the process.

10-17-2003 @ 04:10:54 PM
Posted By : ambientFLIER Reply | Edit | Del
#14, uh...riiight

3-21-2006 @ 12:40:10 AM
Posted By : AWD Pride Reply | Edit | Del
#14, That has to be the most ignorant comment in history.

[Edited by AWD Pride on 3-21-2006 @ 12:42:47 AM]

3-21-2006 @ 12:47:17 AM
Posted By : MxCx Reply | Edit | Del
#14, Oh what a ripping youd have gotten had that been said more recently..

3-21-2006 @ 12:47:37 AM
Posted By : 427 Vette Reply | Edit | Del
RoN history eh? You must have been a lurker for a good while I suppose...

3-21-2006 @ 12:48:43 AM
Posted By : AWD Pride Reply | Edit | Del
#18, No doubt about it. You are as sharp as they come :P

3-21-2006 @ 12:52:29 AM
Posted By : 427 Vette Reply | Edit | Del
I see you have a 2.5 RS, what kind of brakes are those?

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