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Other info: Mitsubishi all the way :)

Last 10 comments by ginsu417

Comment for image #21990 4-23-2003 @ 02:48:47 PM
Posted By: ginsu417  
Intercooler piping that actually fits the car wouldn't hurt either.

Comment for image #21995 4-23-2003 @ 02:44:55 PM
Posted By: ginsu417  
Yeah, the europeans copied our idea of the steering wheel. They used to use a steering bar.

Comment for image #21994 4-23-2003 @ 02:06:46 PM
Posted By: ginsu417  
Like I'm going to search through 20,000 images...

Comment for image #11874 2-26-2003 @ 01:40:03 PM
Posted By: ginsu417  
Gotta love the simplicity and efficiency of these. No pistons, no valves, no cams, no rockers, no lifters, no rods, just 3 moving pieces - two rotors and an eccentric shaft. And liter for liter these stomp piston engines into the dirt. Felix Wankel was a genius. :)

Comment for image #11818 2-26-2003 @ 01:25:18 PM
Posted By: ginsu417  

Comment for image #19502 2-26-2003 @ 01:22:28 PM
Posted By: ginsu417  
Yeah, that's the one I was referring to, although the first one was pretty good too. Those are funny as hell.

Comment for image #19503 2-26-2003 @ 12:36:29 PM
Posted By: ginsu417  
It's too honda for my taste. Although It does look different. Factory rice?

Comment for image #19502 2-26-2003 @ 12:34:34 PM
Posted By: ginsu417  
I'd drive that on the street...

"Hey! That thing got a hemi?"

Comment for image #18145 1-30-2003 @ 02:46:39 PM
Posted By: ginsu417  
No, just the front of the Murano looks oldsmobileish. Like the intrigue, I think? Which oldsmobile came with a front grill like the murano?

Comment for image #13057 1-30-2003 @ 02:44:47 PM
Posted By: ginsu417  
I really don't care for the newer mustangs. Too many military guys around here that act like they're quick as shit in a mustang GT and then get thier asses handed to them by a Talon TSi with it's only mod being an air filter. If it weren't for the ego thing around here, I might have a different opinion but for the price and the size of what's under the hood, I'm not impressed.

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