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Car: 97557   By: Skid   Comment: "I can't see these anymore without thinking about B..."
Car: 97538   By: DiRF   Comment: "I object to Vector and Cars being groupe..."
Car: 97555   By: Skid   Comment: "No particular rust issues that I'm aware of, but t..."
Car: 97555   By: DiRF   Comment: "Did these things have corrosion problems? That may..."
Car: 97538   By: Obsidian   Comment: "And I thought it was just a one-off. That the Road..."
Car: 97555   By: ricerocketboy   Comment: "There's an Omega coupe around Minneapolis I see so..."
Car: 97553   By: ricerocketboy   Comment: "cool, thanks. This pic is few years old, and unfo..."
Car: 97555   By: Skid   Comment: "A local junkyard has a blue Omega in it, and I use..."
Car: 97555   By: DiRF   Comment: "Can't remember the last time I saw *any* X-Body...."
Car: 97551   By: DiRF   Comment: "I'm guessing the M-Body is still used as a daily-d..."
Car: 97553   By: DiRF   Comment: "Monte Carlo SS nose looks great on a Monte Carlo S..."
Car: 97553   By: wannabemustangjockey   Comment: "Maybe I'm weird but I don't think the Monte SS nos..."
Car: 97555   By: Skid   Comment: "Cleaner than any X-body I've seen in the past 20 y..."
Car: 97556   By: Skid   Comment: "Looks like a still from a car chase scene, where i..."
Car: 97553   By: Skid   Comment: "It's a custom job which made the rounds on a few c..."
Car: 97548   By: Skid   Comment: "Always nice to see a simple, clean '71 E-body, wit..."
Car: 97551   By: Skid   Comment: "Pretty sure I see a "GTO" emblem on that '69 Ponti..."
Car: 26353   By: Skid   Comment: "Yeah, the prices on early Zs have gone batshit cra..."
Car: 96353   By: Skid   Comment: "Huh. Never crossed my mind, but yeah... http://o..."
Car: 26353   By: ricerocketboy   Comment: ""
Car: 96353   By: wannabemustangjockey   Comment: "Put that grille on a Nova Concours Cabriolet and i..."
Car: 64723   By: ricerocketboy   Comment: ",d..."
Car: 96353   By: DiRF   Comment: "Not terribly fond of the custom grill. Makes it lo..."
Car: 89748   By: DiRF   Comment: "I'm also amused by the fact that Kiekhaefer was ab..."
Car: 96961   By: Skid   Comment: "No T-tops, too. That's always good on a third-gen...."

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