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Car: 33716   By: DiRF   Comment: "The fact that it happened just past 5p local time,..."
Car: 98090   By: Adambomb   Comment: "O_O..."
Car: 98092   By: DiRF   Comment: "Landcrab DNA is difficult to mask...."
Car: 98090   By: DiRF   Comment: "Kawaii V-Eighto Desu! ^_^..."
Car: 98092   By: Skid   Comment: "I have to admit, this is a new one on me. Before l..."
Car: 98090   By: Skid   Comment: "Damn anime cars...."
Car: 33716   By: Skid   Comment: "The chaos of the moment (and sheer number of affil..."
Car: 33716   By: Skid   Comment: "Similarly, here's an uninterrupted nearly six hour..."
Car: 33716   By: DiRF   Comment: "This footage is a true time capsule... essentially..."
Car: 98080   By: Adambomb   Comment: "other side"
Car: 98087   By: Skid   Comment: "Not too bad if it's not too absurdly rusty and it ..."
Car: 98079   By: DiRF   Comment: "It certainly has the face of existential dread...."
Car: 98079   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: "It seems like it's dimly aware it's got the wrong ..."
Car: 42347   By: DiRF   Comment: "Perhaps they're an alumnus of both Utah and Duke? ..."
Car: 98079   By: Adambomb   Comment: ""
Car: 42347   By: Adambomb   Comment: "ute devil?..."
Car: 98072   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: "Hey, what happened to my "Complete Collection of E..."
Car: 98077   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: ""Never speak to me or my child again"..."
Car: 97991   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: "Mmmmm... .giant rubbery donut...... awhawghhhhhhhh..."
Car: 97461   By: ricerocketboy   Comment: "Yep...."
Car: 97461   By: DiRF   Comment: "So, we can indirectly credit the AMC Pacer for a p..."
Car: 97461   By: ricerocketboy   Comment: "Fun fact, the car's designer owns a Porsche 928 an..."
Car: 98084   By: Adambomb   Comment: "interesting..."
Car: 98084   By: Skid   Comment: "This is gonna sound weird....but I want one...."
Car: 97213   By: DiRF   Comment: "Good lord... reading comments in retrospect. Thank..."

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