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Car: 44531   By: DiRF   Comment: "I have to admit, the unique shape of the Saturn he..."
Car: 97913   By: DiRF   Comment: "Aw man, don't waste the MH30/30! Pass it over...."
Car: 97913   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: "Sounds like the name of a super-cheap corner-store..."
Car: 57582   By: DiRF   Comment: "Yup, I just misread it as that, as well...."
Car: 43734   By: DiRF   Comment: "No, it's a Mustang. ..."
Car: 49761   By: DiRF   Comment: "I really do dislike the Ram Air acoops on these. W..."
Car: 52366   By: DiRF   Comment: "The only way I can think of an Accord like this to..."
Car: 52366   By: Adambomb   Comment: "Made to excite huh? It doesn't seem to be working..."
Car: 96088   By: DiRF   Comment: "Binged the rest of Season 5. The best I can say it..."
Car: 96715   By: DiRF   Comment: ""
Car: 97908   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: "I call them "Old Nintendo Walls" Actually, you ca..."
Car: 97908   By: Skid   Comment: "You know the car has been in the museum too long w..."
Car: Fpost   By: Skid   Comment: "Neat. Perhaps a bit overpriced, but neat...."
Car: Fpost   By: wannabemustangjockey   Comment: ""
Car: 97233   By: Obsidian   Comment: "That interior is very underwhelming...."
Car: 25580   By: Skid   Comment: ""Benihana?" Isn't that that SUV Bentley builds?..."
Car: 97905   By: Adambomb   Comment: "yes..."
Car: 25580   By: DiRF   Comment: "DORAKU I'VE COME TO BARGAIN..."
Car: 97905   By: DiRF   Comment: "Same one? 26982 91376 93763..."
Car: 97233   By: ricerocketboy   Comment: ""
Car: 97233   By: DiRF   Comment: "Thanks for the info. Helps to get a "cold shower",..."
Car: 97233   By: ricerocketboy   Comment: "I hope you like hard shifts and turbo lag. I mean,..."
Car: 97535   By: ricerocketboy   Comment: "This is something I haven't seen in a good while. ..."
Car: 56524   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: "Moar Lik KOMIC SANS STYLING, amirite? Yeah, he de..."
Car: 97233   By: DiRF   Comment: "Have noticed that the infotainment screen is actua..."

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