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Car: Fpost   By: DiRF   Comment: ""
Car: Fpost   By: DiRF   Comment: "Rumors are, and I can't stress the term "rumors" e..."
Car: Fpost   By: Skid   Comment: "Which puts it in the running for one of the most f..."
Car: Fpost   By: DiRF   Comment: "33 confirmed dead at Kyoto Animation. I'm at a com..."
Car: 97200   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: "They also crush the Banker's Goons' car with a fro..."
Car: 97200   By: DiRF   Comment: "...that still happens... many times I've seen scen..."
Car: 97200   By: Skid   Comment: "Except, on the A-Team, it would inexplicably trans..."
Car: 97193   By: DiRF   Comment: ""
Car: 97195   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: "And to continue a TV theme, here's the "Breakdown"..."
Car: 97193   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: "Every time you turn away, and then look again, the..."
Car: 97191   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: "I don't much see them either, but when I do, they'..."
Car: 97200   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: "Put wire rims on it, and it's a perfect "amoral ba..."
Car: 97198   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: "This is the car in a B-grade car chase movie from ..."
Car: 32801   By: Skid   Comment: "The Bruckell Moonhawk, 10 years early...."
Car: 41222   By: Skid   Comment: "Automobili Lamborghini....I remember renting this ..."
Car: 92384   By: Obsidian   Comment: ""
Car: 92384   By: Skid   Comment: "Haven't seen these before, and I don't know how I'..."
Car: 92384   By: DiRF   Comment: ""
Car: 92384   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: "[ ] DOUBT..."
Car: Fpost   By: DiRF   Comment: "...can I please just filter out any YouTube video ..."
Car: 85072   By: Low-Tech Redneck   Comment: "* annoyed look * Hello yourself........"
Car: 97212   By: wannabemustangjockey   Comment: "I seem to recall several years ago the Accord was ..."
Car: 97212   By: Jon   Comment: "Yea, the Bonneville is long gone. Down to just thi..."
Car: 47506   By: DiRF   Comment: " it driven by Mr. Cool ICE?..."
Car: 97212   By: DiRF   Comment: "IIRC, they're classed as "large" rather than midsi..."

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