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Last 10 comments by cams116

Comment for image #52407 5-08-2006 @ 10:46:25 AM
Posted By: cams116  
Its also got the front gt4 bar, and a cooler hidden behind there. So could be a gt4 just without the silly big wing. That or maybe 3sgte in it?

Comment for image #35281 9-09-2004 @ 09:18:47 AM
Posted By: cams116  
Thats tidy actually. Nice front bar too.

Comment for image #34938 8-25-2004 @ 07:57:40 AM
Posted By: cams116  
The 2 doors are sooo much nicer than the 4 door ones we have hey.

Comment for image #18331 8-24-2004 @ 05:18:31 PM
Posted By: cams116  
And out of any 3SGTE you could get your hands on, that is THE pic, the ones in this model celica are dead set awesome.

Comment for image #34869 8-22-2004 @ 05:07:59 AM
Posted By: cams116  

Why cant you fellas just have a laugh aye!?

Comment for image #34869 8-22-2004 @ 03:40:28 AM
Posted By: cams116  
What about Pearl Habour??? Or is that a sore point???

Comment for image #34808 8-22-2004 @ 12:16:51 AM
Posted By: cams116  
The fairlane would be tho, they are a fair bit bigger than these.

Comment for image #34808 8-21-2004 @ 11:09:01 PM
Posted By: cams116  
Should mention... DOHC 4L I6, with the option of a turbo. The turbo is a big sucker, the car already has a decent front mount cooler, soo just new chip for the computer, and you got yourself a serious weapon.
They also come in a Ute format, I think there is a 4x4 ute being made also, with the V8, I6 and I6t.
Its a fairly impressive range. However the new commodores should leave them for dead, apparently.

Comment for image #34623 8-15-2004 @ 08:07:24 AM
Posted By: cams116  
Id get the evo and swap the diffs... Maybe... Or get an Evo 6.5 I think thats probably the way to go really.

Comment for image #34606 8-12-2004 @ 10:03:41 AM
Posted By: cams116  
I have a joke.
Two women both have VW beetles (old ones)
The first ladys says. Why are you pulled over with your bonnet up.
2nd lady, Because the car broke down, opened the bonnet, and found its got no engine!
1st lady, oooh thats ok, I have a spare one in the boot of mine!

*to you sir, I beg to differ!*

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