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URL: http://riceornot.ricecop.com/?auto=34606
Submitted by: kstagger
Comments: 67  (Read/Post)     Favorites: 0  (View)
Submitted on: 08-12-2004
View Stats Category: Car
Ran a 7.906 in the quarter... FWD SRT-4 drag car


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8-12-2004 @ 09:23:00 AM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
Just under 8 seconds is damn impressive for a FWD drag car, but this is NOT an SRT-4, it's a tube-frame chassis with a body that barely resembles an SRT-4.

Now, I bet, if this had been RWD, same engine, same weight, it probably coulda knocked at least a second off that time... still don't understand why people go all out, making a drag car, then make it FWD...

...it's like cutting down a tree with a pocket knife, I mean SURE, it can be done, by why go to all that trouble when you have a saw sitting right next to you?

8-12-2004 @ 09:45:00 AM
Posted By : DA_MAISTA Reply | Edit | Del
Because its women who always do things the easy way. Its men who always seek for the most complicated solution and the try to engineer around it.

8-12-2004 @ 09:52:04 AM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
#2, Uhm... making a drag car FWD has nothing to do with being a man... I've never known a man to do the most complicated/weakest thing. In my experience, men always want to do things the overpowered and quick way. *Tim Allen Grunt*

8-12-2004 @ 09:54:44 AM
Posted By : cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
Its a challenge. Thats basically it, some fool went and got a good time, so now everyone has to try and beat it. Then someone beats that time, and so on and so on.

8-12-2004 @ 10:00:52 AM
Posted By : DA_MAISTA Reply | Edit | Del
#2 Look at the early Porsche 911 for example. Handling-wise, it was a horrible mistake to put the engine behind the rear wheels and the early models were almost dangerous to drive. Women would have changed the position of the engine, men kept it in place and engineered around the problem.
(Yes, inspired by TopGear). And yes, it has nothing to do with being an man, but hereīs another example: Butterfly-style in swimming. There are other, more economic ways of comleting the 100 meters, but nevertheless people still swim in that way.

8-12-2004 @ 10:03:41 AM
Posted By : cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
#5, I have a joke.
Two women both have VW beetles (old ones)
The first ladys says. Why are you pulled over with your bonnet up.
2nd lady, Because the car broke down, opened the bonnet, and found its got no engine!
1st lady, oooh thats ok, I have a spare one in the boot of mine!

*to you sir, I beg to differ!*

8-12-2004 @ 10:04:04 AM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
#5, It wasn't the fact that they were men that caused them to engineer around the faulty placement of the engine, it was businessmen with tight wallets.

8-12-2004 @ 10:09:01 AM
Posted By : DA_MAISTA Reply | Edit | Del
#7 Compare the junkjard-Turbos to the "showcar"-Rice mobiles... itīs the absence on money that sparks the fire of mens unbelievable ingenuity... its the unstoppable wave of almighty cash that fuels mens equally unbelievable stupidity.

8-12-2004 @ 10:10:46 AM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
#8, I have no idea what the hell you're talking about... THIS car was created by people who had a LOT of money, and, because of the rice-scene, made it FWD, only to go slower than RWD drag cars. Them being men or women has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

So please, stop spouting that rhetoric garbage that has nothing to do with this car.

8-12-2004 @ 10:15:33 AM
Posted By : DA_MAISTA Reply | Edit | Del
Ok, then. FWD dragracing is something new and although it is less effektive than RWD dragracing ist is done, because it can be done. Where is the problem? If they want to find out who can build the fastest FWD 1/4 mile car, why not? We already know the fastest RWD car.

8-12-2004 @ 10:16:49 AM
Posted By : Lemming Reply | Edit | Del
I think FWD drag racing is one of those "because we can" kind of things.

8-12-2004 @ 10:19:43 AM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
#10, Ok.

But I still think building a tube-frame full-on drag racer, then making it FWD is just a waste of money. Make it RWD and BAM, you'd drop at least a full-second.

If they try to make the fastest FWD drag racer, just because they CAN, where're the idiots trying to make the fastest FLWD (Front-left-wheel-drive, aka one-wheel drive)
Hell, why don't they try to see who can make the fastest NWD (No wheel drive) drag racer?

[Edited by DiRF on 8-12-2004 @ 10:20:54 AM]

8-12-2004 @ 10:21:58 AM
Posted By : Lemming Reply | Edit | Del
#12, By your logic, why is there a Pro Stock class? Those cars are often expensive to build, and obviously will never be as fast as top-fuel stuff.

8-12-2004 @ 10:22:46 AM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
#13, Ok, but I'm saying, where are people gonna draw the line?

8-12-2004 @ 10:25:28 AM
Posted By : solid_snake Reply | Edit | Del
they don't, if it has wheels chances are somebody is trying to make it as fast as possible.

8-12-2004 @ 10:25:39 AM
Posted By : kstagger Reply | Edit | Del
#12, FWD dragging is just another racing 'class'... with it's limits and rules...

I personally think it's kinda stupid for all of the points that Dirf has brought up - but meh... it's just the rules of the game

8-12-2004 @ 10:25:48 AM
Posted By : DA_MAISTA Reply | Edit | Del
#12 I donīt know wether the car above is used for competition (are there FWD-classes?) or just fun fun at the weekend. If it is a fun-car, then, to a large degree, I understand your point. It it is used for real racing events, then... well... you donīt approach a Truck-racer and tell him how stupid he is and how much faster an equally-priced GT-car can get around that track.

8-12-2004 @ 10:27:43 AM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
#17, Ok, I concede that there have been good points brought up here...

I mean, hell, if they're offering good prize money in the FWD drag racing classes, and people build cars to compete in that class, FINE....but I still think the concept, at the basic level, is flawed.

8-12-2004 @ 10:38:58 AM
Posted By : kstagger Reply | Edit | Del
this is a 'National ProFWD' car

8-12-2004 @ 11:45:28 AM
Posted By : Jurrell Reply | Edit | Del
under 8 seconds in a 4 banger fwd car is damn good, everyone needs to eat some spam

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