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URL: http://riceornot.ricecop.com/?auto=34623
Submitted by: Skid
Comments: 16  (Read/Post)     Favorites: 0  (View)
Submitted on: 08-12-2004
View Stats Category: Car
Lancer Evolution RS. The all-business version of the Evolution features no riciness (apart from the taillights), no keyless entry, cloth seats, manual windows/seats/locks, and very little in the way of sound deadening. It also has a front helical LSD, which the regular Evo does not.

If I had 27 large, I would perhaps buy one of these.


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8-12-2004 @ 11:00:08 PM
Posted By : redrx8 Reply | Edit | Del
27 grand and manual windows/seats/locks? I think I would rather add an extra couple of pounds and have the electric goodies come standard. The .002 seconds I loose in my quarter mile time just seems worth it to me.

8-12-2004 @ 11:02:18 PM
Posted By : Skid Reply | Edit | Del
#1, It is to me.

*Hates power windows/locks/seats

8-12-2004 @ 11:08:36 PM
Posted By : solid_snake Reply | Edit | Del
I found a keyless entry kit for $60, might put that in when I replace the window motors.

8-13-2004 @ 09:37:29 AM
Posted By : DA_MAISTA Reply | Edit | Del
I guess the EVO VIII has all the goodies, but I donīt know the price.

8-13-2004 @ 09:40:36 AM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
I like, I like. But I'd put some stock 2004- Lancer taillights on it.

8-13-2004 @ 02:45:25 PM
Posted By : Skid Reply | Edit | Del
#4, $30k, I think.

#5, Me too. I'd probably also add some kind of sound insulation.

8-15-2004 @ 08:07:24 AM
Posted By : cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
Id get the evo and swap the diffs... Maybe... Or get an Evo 6.5 I think thats probably the way to go really.

10-12-2004 @ 07:17:26 PM
Posted By : AtEase Reply | Edit | Del
#6, You don't need sound proofing when you got the intercom on. :)

10-12-2004 @ 07:41:24 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
#8, Hehehehe...I think it would be funny to be driving this thing, and have a friend be a "navigator"...

"Over crest, 40 meters, hard left, opens, careful, exposure, bumps, 20 meters easy right, tightens..."

Would be even funnier with some people in the backseat, wondering what the fuck is going on...

10-12-2004 @ 07:54:29 PM
Posted By : Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
Pfft, every car I owned untill the van had hand crank windows, its what I"m used too, people is pampered these days

12-13-2004 @ 11:38:03 PM
Posted By : ricerocketboy Reply | Edit | Del
#9, LMAO. You watch too much rally!

12-13-2004 @ 11:53:18 PM
Posted By : ambientFLIER Reply | Edit | Del
#11, yeah, not having to almost pull a muscle while trying to reach the window crank in a large truck or suv is sure being pampered

12-14-2004 @ 12:38:39 AM
Posted By : Dadol21 Reply | Edit | Del
If you pull a muscle manually rolling up your windows you need to get more excersize. Besides, I like when your battery dies or your car is turned off and you can roll down the windows :D

12-14-2004 @ 01:54:33 AM
Posted By : Altima35se2003 Reply | Edit | Del
#9, it's really annoying. my friend was doing that today. the worst part was he was wrong. and i can navigate the campus, i have only been on it for 12 years on and off

3-13-2006 @ 01:08:43 PM
Posted By : Adambomb Reply | Edit | Del
Me likes it without the wing.

5-14-2006 @ 02:28:51 AM
Posted By : Altima35se2003 Reply | Edit | Del
#5, as much as you have been as cock towards me in the past couple of weeks, you are right on this 911% percent

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