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Other info: All people that rice-ify American cars should be drug into the street and beat
senseless with thier car's enormous wing.

Last 10 comments by Blakout420

Comment for image #50967 3-26-2006 @ 01:25:36 PM
Posted By: Blakout420  
I would all kinds of hit that.

Comment for image #47404 12-08-2005 @ 08:19:32 PM
Posted By: Blakout420  
Maybe so, but the black one is sex.

Comment for image #47398 12-08-2005 @ 05:37:29 PM
Posted By: Blakout420  
My Camaro was like this over the weekend, but not quite as thick like Muntz said. Still, not fun.

Comment for image #47350 12-07-2005 @ 12:36:15 AM
Posted By: Blakout420  
Someone once mistook my brother's 1985 RX7 for a Lamborghini.

I'm pretty sure there was alcohol involved.

Comment for image #47324 12-07-2005 @ 12:04:07 AM
Posted By: Blakout420  
I'd hit it.

Comment for image #47322 12-06-2005 @ 03:52:14 PM
Posted By: Blakout420  
Someone needs beaten with a blunt object.

Comment for image #41832 12-05-2005 @ 05:55:08 PM
Posted By: Blakout420  
I really like this. Not sure about the front bumper, seems to stick out a little too far, but otherwise it's nice. I even kinda like the wing.

Comment for image #47294 12-05-2005 @ 05:44:59 PM
Posted By: Blakout420  
I love this picture.

Dibs on the 456.

Comment for image #46729 11-20-2005 @ 05:31:25 PM
Posted By: Blakout420  
I'm not sure why, but I kinda like it. That's one of the stupidest poses I've ever seen though.

Comment for image #46713 11-20-2005 @ 02:00:37 AM
Posted By: Blakout420  
What a shame. Nice rims though.

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