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Last 10 comments by MadScientistMatt

Comment for image #2074 8-17-2002 @ 09:44:13 AM
Posted By: MadScientistMatt  
Wow, you live pretty close to where I live (Covington). I know Caterpillar has a factory in Georgia (I interviewed for a job there once), but does Cummins?

Comment for image #7077 8-04-2002 @ 09:40:39 PM
Posted By: MadScientistMatt  
A Fiero impersonating a Ferrari?

Comment for image #2221 8-04-2002 @ 09:30:13 PM
Posted By: MadScientistMatt  
Small world, CudaMan - I wound up buying the exact same turbo setup you mentioned. It's about halfway installed on my car now. I'm trying to improve it by adding an intercooler and a better fuel pump. It'll be interesting to see what that runs, but I think with a cam and head work it could get up to 300 hp and 400 lb-ft.

Comment for image #5699 8-04-2002 @ 09:26:23 PM
Posted By: MadScientistMatt  
For the record, that guy would probably be Korean - and that name probably is no joke. One prominant South Korean politician had an equally bad name, Lee Bum Suck.

Comment for image #2316 8-04-2002 @ 09:11:27 PM
Posted By: MadScientistMatt  
Precisely what is that? A next generation Supra, or what?

Comment for image #4291 5-12-2002 @ 08:22:03 PM
Posted By: MadScientistMatt  
If he used all the amps, he'd probably break the glass.

Comment for image #89 5-12-2002 @ 02:54:46 PM
Posted By: MadScientistMatt  
To answer your questions - the Merkur ran a best time of 15.26, and the other car is a 13 second turbocharged Mazda RX-3.

Comment for image #4714 5-05-2002 @ 09:13:51 PM
Posted By: MadScientistMatt  
I don't understand the lowrider show scene's sense of aesthetics. Instead of form follows function, they take the function completely out of what they modify. Here they've made a bike where the pedals go below the ground so you could only ride it on a tightrope. This is as bad as the guy who cut up the floorboards and sheet metal on his Prelude so he could lower it so far the top of the wheels was above the hood line.

Comment for image #5335 5-05-2002 @ 09:09:41 PM
Posted By: MadScientistMatt  
No inline six Camaros have been built for a long time. They were availible in the '60s and possibly the '70s, but by the '80s the six cylinder ones had V6's.

Comment for image #1104 3-22-2002 @ 09:50:03 PM
Posted By: MadScientistMatt  
Even their webpage is riced out! At least that does give a good answer to people who accuse us of bashing cars without knowing what they have; we can all know he has no performance mods thanks to their web page. BTW, my favorite quote from their page has to be "Yes, when you watch your rear view mirror and see something different something new you know who they are..." Given their lack of real performance mods, where else would you see them?

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