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Other info: I work for Haltech, I like cars, driving is fun.
Im a 2LT in the guard as well, go me.

Last 10 comments by chessboxer

Comment for image #75249 8-14-2008 @ 10:36:33 PM
Posted By: chessboxer  
omg rice doors!

oh wait...

Comment for image #75242 8-14-2008 @ 10:35:03 PM
Posted By: chessboxer  
Thanks man, and its all good, I have built this car for me from day one, so I am happy with it, and that's all I care about really.

Here is an engine shot btw.

Comment for image #75243 8-14-2008 @ 05:48:32 PM
Posted By: chessboxer  
do not want

Comment for image #75242 8-14-2008 @ 05:47:24 PM
Posted By: chessboxer  
Ha, if my plans work out, yes.

It isnt a dd, so I can justify such silly things.

All it needs is a nice suspension, and it will be a pretty nice all around car at that point IMO

Comment for image #58891 8-14-2008 @ 02:19:03 PM
Posted By: chessboxer  
dang, thats nice looking

Comment for image #64745 8-14-2008 @ 02:18:34 PM
Posted By: chessboxer  
honda owners is not are be teh smartsest.

Comment for image #75242 8-14-2008 @ 02:07:54 PM
Posted By: chessboxer  
Perhaps then this sir,

Is more up your alley.

I went cf because it cost me nothing, and with this probably becoming a dedicated fun/track car, I figured I could do some functional weight saving mods.

Comment for image #49911 8-13-2008 @ 10:54:41 PM
Posted By: chessboxer  
Because we all know corvettes get their power from their emblems, and emblem swaps are easy.

Comment for image #75242 8-13-2008 @ 09:32:21 PM
Posted By: chessboxer  
fuckin' a I fucking will right!

Comment for image #75242 8-13-2008 @ 06:53:32 PM
Posted By: chessboxer  
Yeah, open dp was fun.

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