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Last 10 comments by elanderholm

Comment for image #7124 7-16-2002 @ 01:08:57 AM
Posted By: elanderholm  
i am least my heritage is, but I was born here in the US.

Comment for image #7124 6-26-2002 @ 05:21:13 PM
Posted By: elanderholm  
you would jump at the chance to own a car where some dude spent some money and put a bunch of fiberglass around the stock body?? oh yeah, me too....sweet!

Comment for image #580 6-25-2002 @ 08:57:01 PM
Posted By: elanderholm  
i still want one!! :)

Comment for image #1837 6-25-2002 @ 08:22:51 PM
Posted By: elanderholm  
rain gutters are quite the dope mod. hey at least he made something himself sorta...soon we will see veilside offering their rain gutter body kit for $5k :)

Comment for image #4326 4-24-2002 @ 05:51:17 PM
Posted By: elanderholm  
yeah, but with FWD...if you are running normal tires (not slicks with like 5 psi in them) 12's are probably pretty accurate. FWD cars totally suck for drag racing.

Comment for image #4816 4-23-2002 @ 01:10:41 PM
Posted By: elanderholm  
I would rather have a hybrid then some a diesel burning car. I mean if you are worried about polution a hybrid is much better then a diesel car.

Comment for image #4586 4-19-2002 @ 07:28:57 PM
Posted By: elanderholm  
not bad??? that thing is butt ass ugly.

Comment for image #580 4-12-2002 @ 08:01:30 PM
Posted By: elanderholm  
Mad Max: This car is not turbocharged. It is (for the last time) a 12cyl, W shape, Naturally Aspirated, 6 Liter, 600HP motor. It is one of the most powerful and efficent 6 Liter engines in the world. The car also weighs a scant 2600lbs. It a bad mutha-fuka. Too bad it is probably gonna cost upwards of $200k though. The $80k is probably a pipe dream. The prototype has broken all kinds of records. It just broke another.
Go to and check it out if you are interested.

Comment for image #2986 4-03-2002 @ 11:15:37 AM
Posted By: elanderholm  
I like the C5's, but i think this car is ugly as hell. they have one for sale here in portland thanks. I could think of a lot of cars I would rather have for $225k. That is what i costs new. I guess you can get one for $120k+ now though. That is quite the depreciation!! :) An automatic none-the-less!! :) Can't, understand why it isn't a hot seller!! ;)

Comment for image #2612 3-29-2002 @ 05:50:53 PM
Posted By: elanderholm  
that is the new RUF 996 turbo...very nice!

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