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Other info: Imports suck, the bottom line is they are girls cars or were made for people that couldnt afford to drive real cars......domestics

Last 10 comments by mikesrt

Comment for image #3504 4-07-2002 @ 08:26:20 PM
Posted By: mikesrt  
Anyone can race, all it takes is a $20 bill. It takes a real character to look like an idiot and be oblivious to the fact the that your car sucks.

Comment for image #1460 3-06-2002 @ 06:46:13 PM
Posted By: mikesrt  
Nice cars, a little de-ricing is needed.

Comment for image #1460 3-06-2002 @ 06:41:31 PM
Posted By: mikesrt  
perfectly lined up for a monster truck to come through.

Comment for image #804 3-06-2002 @ 06:33:08 PM
Posted By: mikesrt  
Yup, your getting soft :) And that was point I was trying to make, by no means is my truck the fastest thing around but it does have good power and gobs of tourque which is why lighter wheels dont make a diff. I just cant stand when ricers think their cars are going faster by putting these wheels on their cars. If you like the wheel good for you, but dont claim it as a performance mod. Also the lighter wheel would most likely hurt a vehicles 1/4 mile time for lack of traction. Wait I ment a car that has some power.

Comment for image #1401 3-03-2002 @ 04:07:49 AM
Posted By: mikesrt  
I like the ralley wheels. I have the mopar mag with this car in it. I dont think he had the hood in the magazine pictures though.

Comment for image #1070 2-28-2002 @ 12:01:56 AM
Posted By: mikesrt  
What a disgrace to the dukes of hazzard.

Comment for image #1157 2-27-2002 @ 11:56:57 PM
Posted By: mikesrt  
How can you want to show this car off. Put a damn cover over it. Anyone think he actually paid for all those parts??? Or installed them himself for that matter??

Comment for image #1029 2-27-2002 @ 11:51:59 PM
Posted By: mikesrt  
Now this is where we need an A-Bomb

Comment for image #1105 2-27-2002 @ 11:21:52 PM
Posted By: mikesrt  
This car is super Fugly. Ricers are getting dumb and dumber. Heres an idea, lets put a fucking sticker in the middle of the windshield now thats cool.

Comment for image #795 2-25-2002 @ 05:15:14 PM
Posted By: mikesrt  
When was the last time anyone seen a chevelle going 100 mph down a mountain side half covered in snow. When the driver was sober I should add.

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