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Other info: I want to give an apology to my old co-worker Tim Williams for soiling his
name and basically stealing his identity as my own. Sorry to my fellow rice
cops for deceaving you all I just didn't think you would believe my name is
really John Holmes.

Last 10 comments by zoomzoom

Comment for image #51075 3-30-2006 @ 08:00:56 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom  
my high School is actually a Junior/Senior high school. It goes from 7th - 12th. The 7th and 8th graders being the Junior High in a wing of their own (as it should be the smelly little sob's) and 9 through 12 being the Senior high. Speaking of school, I forget who was just suspended from school for a week, but I know what it was like being out. It's great, got suspended from work for (hopefully, ) for this week. I just wish I could sleep in.

Comment for image #51093 3-30-2006 @ 07:55:00 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom  
agreed, this guy at my work whose father was in the airforce, blah blah blah. He says his father has his name on a "plane on a stick" in Plattsburgh, NY and that the last time he went up there to see it, it was in need of some upkeep.

Comment for image #51075 3-29-2006 @ 08:29:45 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom  
our school has a Junior/Senior prom every year. I went both years. Went with a chick from my class my Junior year and then went stag with some friends my Senior year. Didn't want to have sex with the chick my Junior year, I went with her basically out of pity. I wasn't really gonna go that year, but she didn't have a date and she asked me to go and that she would pay for my tux and the tickets. Should have "hit it", but it just didn't feel right (had to be there). I had a big chance to "hook up" with a chick I was really into my Senior year. Everyone travels down to the Jersey shore after their proms and when we were on our way down, we witnessed an accident and wound up waiting and talking with the police for hours. By the time we were done, she just wanted to go home. No "hittin" :(

Comment for image #50943 3-25-2006 @ 04:44:46 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom  
found it under Easter baskets..only thing I could find that was Easter and cars.

Comment for image #50943 3-25-2006 @ 04:36:44 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom  
I didn't create it, just passing it along.

Comment for image #50943 3-24-2006 @ 08:56:02 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom  
Duck when you click this funny link..........
sometimes it doesn't load and you do have to go back to it later......but it does work.

Shoot actually it's 3 weeks, darn.

Comment for image #20900 3-24-2006 @ 07:33:20 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom  
ok folks, upon request by the way, the link to what I so stupidly posted. NSFW

Comment for image #50912 3-24-2006 @ 02:26:35 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom  
LOL, well, I'd rather my boss catch me with the boobs than the cartoon nutsack :D

All in all, I know that may have been too NSFW, but a simple please don't post this like this would have been fine. I didn't like being demeaned with "first and final warning"

Comment for image #50912 3-24-2006 @ 02:06:33 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom  
on that note, I'm at home looking at the site, my 5 year old son walks in and see's a cartoon nutsack......what is he going to say? (I know this doesn't excuse me what I did, but they were painted and covered with pasties)

Comment for image #50912 3-24-2006 @ 01:55:24 AM
Posted By: zoomzoom  
hmm painted breast (with pasties!) ,not ok, cartoon nutsack, ok...I'm starting to question peoples sexuality around here......Therapist!

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