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Last 10 comments by thontor

Comment for image #70041 1-15-2008 @ 11:16:36 AM
Posted By: thontor  
the LS9 is in the ZR1, at least 620hp..

i think you speak of the LSA that is in the CTS-V.. smaller supercharger, weaker internals, cheaper.. but nothing to sneeze at with 550hp

Comment for image #70041 1-14-2008 @ 06:37:36 PM
Posted By: thontor  
if they do have a pillarless coupe.. it'll weigh more and cost more than if it had a b-pillar

not having the pillar sacrifices structural rigidity which must be compensated by reinforcing the car which adds weight.. has to be done to pass crash tests

camaro gained a b-pillar for this reason.. to keep weight and cost down

Comment for image #70041 1-14-2008 @ 01:23:54 PM
Posted By: thontor  
according to non-official GM sources.. this should be hitting the market within a year

Comment for image #70031 1-14-2008 @ 12:35:58 PM
Posted By: thontor  
i'm 6'2" 300lbs and i've sat in a solstice.. no less spaceous than a vette.. and i was quite comfortable

Comment for image #69962 1-14-2008 @ 12:34:03 PM
Posted By: thontor  
well preproduction cars are generally always white cause its the cheapest color and it shows manufacturing flaws well.. as for the spoiler, inside sources have said it's not ready yet

Comment for image #69887 1-10-2008 @ 03:40:12 PM
Posted By: thontor  
the ZR1's LS9 makes "at least 100hp per liter" ... it hasnt been rated yet

that explains the difference between the LS9 and the CTS-V's LSA... basically it uses a less powerful blower so it doesnt have parts to withstand as high a PSI as the LS9

Comment for image #69801 1-10-2008 @ 03:27:48 PM
Posted By: thontor  
thats actually very accurate.. with these pre-production test cars they literally throw a bunch of parts together from the parts bin because not all of the production pieces are done.

while the general theme is there.. the dual square guage pods.. the center console guages.. there is a lot there that is just stand in parts and they are just thrown together... you can see some of it held together by masking tape

basically.. they are staying true to the interior of the concept car. i'm a bit dissapointed at that.. i wouldve preferred a more conventional interior. But i'm hardly surprised.. they said they would stay true to the concept car and apparently that means inside and out. if you didnt like the concept cars interior then you won't like the production cars.

I definitely wasnt a fan of the original concept's interior in the silver car.. but the convertable showed what a simple color scheme change could do to the same interior.. it looked a ton better

Comment for image #67091 9-21-2007 @ 09:25:00 AM
Posted By: thontor  
where is this moron located.. i need to hunt him downd and kill him

Comment for image #67061 9-20-2007 @ 05:42:24 PM
Posted By: thontor  
what part of "The Chevy product portfolio is too full" do you not understand?

Comment for image #67061 9-20-2007 @ 03:54:49 PM
Posted By: thontor  
Bob Lutz himself has stated, on more than one occasion that it won't be a Chevy

In reference to his line that a Ute sold in the U.S. would not be badged a Chevrolet, Mr. Lutz added, "The Chevy product portfolio is too full to add this to it. We'd do it as either a Pontiac or GMC."

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