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URL: http://riceornot.ricecop.com/?auto=1136
Submitted by: DiRF
Comments: 23  (Read/Post)     Favorites: 0  (View)
Submitted on: 02-19-2002
View Stats Category: Car
I thought that I would brighten up the mood around here...(after seeing cars #1134 and
#1135, I think we all need a cheer up pic.) Ah, Viper SRT-10...and it's uncrashed too. :)


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2-19-2002 @ 10:16:57 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
Is this a good enough cheer up pic?

2-19-2002 @ 10:18:10 PM
Posted By : cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
Well im happy again now and i saw the 911 too. Not to mention about 10 RX7s compleatly stuffed up because of poles.

[Edited by cams116 on 2-19-2002 @ 10:20:04 PM]

2-19-2002 @ 10:20:42 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
Just don't post the 911...I've had enough heartbreak already, though, you could post the link to the pic, so when people feel up to it, they can take a look. Just don't post it, finding another cheer up pic won't be easy.

2-19-2002 @ 10:21:58 PM
Posted By : cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
But me telling you that the new holden monaro is going to the US that has to cheer you all up.

2-19-2002 @ 10:22:59 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
Well, you got a point there. Me really happy now.

<: )

2-19-2002 @ 10:25:22 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
The fact that the Holden Monaro is coming to America is such good news, that I think that I wouldn't be bothered by seeing the 911...post it anyway.

2-19-2002 @ 10:34:20 PM
Posted By : cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
http://www.3rotor.com/crash_kings_porsche.htm thats the link.

2-19-2002 @ 10:37:06 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
Meh. A crashed 911. It's not as badly damaged as the R33, and it's not so much of a supercar as the F50. I've seen crashed 911s before, the one you posted to isn't that bad.

2-19-2002 @ 10:40:27 PM
Posted By : cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
The other one was only a skyline. Some guy at my school had a skyline ran it into a police station drunk after running a red light. But a 911 come on.

2-19-2002 @ 10:43:46 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
The thing is, I've seen a LOT of crashed 911s on the internet, but never a crashed Skyline.

2-20-2002 @ 01:02:56 AM
Posted By : Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
THE MONARO'S COMING HERE?!?!?!? Cams, pleasepleasepleasepleasePLEASE tell me you're not making that up...

2-20-2002 @ 01:24:20 AM
Posted By : cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
As far as I know its going over there. I dont know whats its being marketed as or when its going over but its going over. Holden knows its going to make lots of money if they do it. So they are going to start makeing LHD versions over there or over here I once again dont know. But the point is you lot are getting them at some stage.

2-20-2002 @ 01:40:47 AM
Posted By : Mad Max Reply | Edit | Del
Man, GM finally grew a nutsack. Ford better bring over the Falcon XR to replace that pussy Taurus if they don't wanna get slaughtered in the showrooms.

2-20-2002 @ 03:16:43 AM
Posted By : cams116 Reply | Edit | Del
XR is crap. The magna vrx beats it. Its a FWD V6. Soon to be a AWD V6. Ford Australia need to spend some money on engine development.

2-28-2002 @ 01:52:06 AM
Posted By : unclemeat777 Reply | Edit | Del
I love love love Vipers... but SRT10... umm... the hood opens from the front. What the hell is that?

3-08-2002 @ 02:53:09 PM
Posted By : Jurrell Reply | Edit | Del
Check out my wrecked 2002 GT2 I think its car #1267

9-21-2002 @ 12:20:16 PM
Posted By : NOSsucks Reply | Edit | Del
Is that an intercooler in there?

9-21-2002 @ 12:20:37 PM
Posted By : Jon Reply | Edit | Del
Looks like a radiator.

9-21-2002 @ 12:21:07 PM
Posted By : NOSsucks Reply | Edit | Del
Just wasn't sure, seemed too shiny for radiator.

9-21-2002 @ 12:21:36 PM
Posted By : NOSsucks Reply | Edit | Del
Although I suppose it is too big for an intercooler.

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