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Picture Information
URL: http://riceornot.ricecop.com/?auto=65450
Submitted by: thirtyseven
Comments: 14  (Read/Post)     Favorites: 0  (View)
Submitted on: 07-25-2007
View Stats Category: Vehicle Misc


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7-25-2007 @ 11:05:16 PM
Posted By : Adambomb Reply | Edit | Del

7-25-2007 @ 11:07:16 PM
Posted By : Altima35se2003 Reply | Edit | Del
#1, aboot

7-25-2007 @ 11:10:05 PM
Posted By : Adambomb Reply | Edit | Del
#2, Houckey, curling, Tim Hourtouns, igloou, poular bear, moouse, Prime Minister Doug Mackenzie, Red Green, Tourounto Maple Leafs, Moouse, Beaver.

[Edited by Adambomb on 7-25-2007 @ 11:10:52 PM]

7-25-2007 @ 11:10:56 PM
Posted By : Altima35se2003 Reply | Edit | Del
#3, pountiac tempest with poutine stains, adamboumb

7-26-2007 @ 12:46:21 AM
Posted By : Jurrell Reply | Edit | Del
That interior looks like it came straight out of the 80's. Jesus Lincoln sucks.

7-26-2007 @ 12:49:18 AM
Posted By : Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
I don't get it...

Well I guess it's more of a Lincoln then the vehicles in close proximity but still...

9-08-2007 @ 01:29:58 PM
Posted By : Skid Reply | Edit | Del
I've stopped paying attention to Lincolns since they stopped giving their vehicles real names. What goob throught that "MKZ" was a catchier name than "Zephyr?"

That's something that the Europeans have always done wrong. I look at a 1994 BMW 3 series for sale yesterday, and after repeating the name of the car to myself several times, I still forgot it by the time I left the dealership. 325 something or other....se, perhaps?

9-08-2007 @ 01:32:26 PM
Posted By : Adambomb Reply | Edit | Del
325si or somesuch.

Getting a new car?

[Edited by Adambomb on 9-08-2007 @ 01:33:08 PM]

9-08-2007 @ 01:38:27 PM
Posted By : Skid Reply | Edit | Del
#8, I think it might have been 325si, come to think of it.

I'm considering something different. A local car lot has this 325, dark purplish blue over tan with the inline six and an automatic (meh). it does look pretty nice (basically like new, except a few weak spots int he interior and the BMW emblem on the hood is scraped up), though it has 154,000 miles on it and I'm not sure how the long-term reliaibility of BMWs are. I do know that the parts would be expensive. For $5995, I'm not sure whether to go for it or not.

The same dealer also has a gold Infiniti J30 with 104,000 miles on it that looks great apart from the stitching coming loose everywhere in the interior. It seems pretty tempting at $4995.

[Edited by Skid on 9-08-2007 @ 01:40:02 PM]

9-08-2007 @ 01:41:43 PM
Posted By : Adambomb Reply | Edit | Del
J30 sounds nice. They're pretty intersting looking, at not all that common.

9-08-2007 @ 02:49:53 PM
Posted By : ricerocketboy Reply | Edit | Del
#9, 325i? 2 door or 4? For not much more, you could get a used, albeit semi high mileage '95-'97 M3, or perhaps a Merc C class of the same vintage.

9-08-2007 @ 03:30:39 PM
Posted By : Skid Reply | Edit | Del
#11, There were two letters after 325. I think it was si. It was a two door car.

Right now I'm just looking at what's actually availalbe locally.

9-08-2007 @ 03:37:21 PM
Posted By : ricerocketboy Reply | Edit | Del
#12, ah ha. 325is. There we go.

9-08-2007 @ 04:47:55 PM
Posted By : Altima35se2003 Reply | Edit | Del
my altima has a altimeter.

push floor thingy and altimaness goes up!

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