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URL: http://riceornot.ricecop.com/?auto=90726
Submitted by: DiRF
Comments: 40  (Read/Post)     Favorites: 0  (View)
Submitted on: 04-27-2014
View Stats Category: Off-topic
Y'know... we've all been chatting for a long, long time, and I feel rather embarrassed that I don't know what many of you do for a living, so, if people are willing, how about we each just go over what exactly we do?

KW: Rice or Not job thread.


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6-16-2015 @ 08:59:09 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
Well, I always heard stories about how badly the jail was run under past administrations, before 2004... and I fear we're heading back down that road again. We're at the worst level of understaffing I've ever seen in my 4+ years here, and they've started a program of cutting hours and eliminating all overtime, even in emergency understaffing situations. I now have less take-home pay than I did when I started in a lower-level position those four years ago... and the stress from understaffing and cut hours is severely affecting the morale and ability to properly run the facility.

Next Wednesday, I have an interview elsewhere in the County... still within the agency, but outside of the jail. I'm so hoping I get it. The jail is heading for a brick-wall, and I really don't want to be there when it goes splat.

...and this position also comes with a 50% shorter commute and "normal" working hours... 8 hour shifts, Monday-Friday, weekends and holidays off... as much as I'd miss my current "family" of co-workers, this is pretty much self-preservation, now.

6-16-2015 @ 09:02:19 PM
Posted By : ricerocketboy Reply | Edit | Del
#21, sounds like my job. I'm now event coordinator and manager, and we have the same shitty boss we've had for about a year now. Average employee stay is 1-4 months before they quit due to cut hours and no tipping. Its ridiculous. Today, we had a table walk about because the dumbshit day manager told them "we're not open". At 1:30? On a Tuesday? Are you fucking stupid? Of course we're open. Your dumb drunk ass just doesn't want to serve them.

7-03-2015 @ 04:39:13 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
#21, Well, I didn't get that position, and the interview felt like a "going through the motions" dog-and-pony show... they obviously had someone else in mind, but had to follow policy. That was only confirmed when I saw *another* civilian position open at the same location, essentially one tier lower... obviously they moved that person to the higher position.

Yes, I'll be applying to the *new* open position, as well.

7-03-2015 @ 06:29:03 PM
Posted By : Driven_out Reply | Edit | Del
Driving allover canada and america now for a small flat deck freight carrier. Been fun but it pays crappy

Before that i drove a water and sewage truck for 8000 gross a month. 20 days on and 10 off. I miss the gig. i dont miss the shit though.

7-03-2015 @ 06:30:30 PM
Posted By : Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
Still towing cars and making friends in the illegal parking world.

12-15-2015 @ 04:56:11 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
My job still sucks. We're still severly understaffed, and our hours have been cut even more. Every year we "bid" for which shift we want, and priority is given based on seniority... so I keep getting stuck on night shift.

...but then, one of the day shift people in my department called me, advising, due to personal reasons, she needs to work on night shift next year... even though shift bidding had already run its course, she and I both put in memos to administration regarding a possible switch...

So, beginning the first week of January, I'm on day shift for at least one year! (If she goes back to days in 2017, I get bumped back to nights... unless another person either leaves or wants night shift... which, actually, one other has said they might want nights for 2017)

12-15-2015 @ 05:57:14 PM
Posted By : Obsidian Reply | Edit | Del
Student. Can't say much more.

When I'm not in class - I'm attaching large helium balloons to small annoying neighbourhood dogs.

[Edited by Obsidian on 12-15-2015 @ 05:57:48 PM]

12-15-2015 @ 06:24:14 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
I just visualized the sound of a "Yip Yip Yip Yip!" accompanied by https://youtu.be/PCOsKri8Glw

12-16-2015 @ 12:13:16 AM
Posted By : wannabemustangjockey Reply | Edit | Del
#27, Terrierist!

I'm still stuck driving high-mileage Caravan C/Vs for my dry cleaning delivery routes. My coworker had a blowout a month ago and crashed the one I've been using three days a week, so now it looks rather ugly and the A/C doesn't work. The other one is holding together after its tranny rebuild but is pushing 150k very soon and is already on borrowed time with my boss who is sick of spending money on it.

2-28-2016 @ 10:13:02 PM
Posted By : ricerocketboy Reply | Edit | Del
I am a teacher for autistic kids age two to seven. My days consist of watching Pixar, playing with Duplos, counting, learning ABCs and teaching kids how to read and write. We go to the zoo, go to museums, and when the weather gets nicer, we'll go to the various parks and areas around the Twin Cities. It's pretty rewarding, really, and it's made me a more patient person.

3-10-2016 @ 01:30:52 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
So, just had an interview with a different agency. It went well, it's a better, more lucrative job... and I'm apparently the only person they're interviewing at this time... I... I might actually get it.

They said they'll get back to me either later today or tomorrow. Best case scenario, I'll be putting my two weeks notice in at the Sheriff's Office tomorrow.

3-10-2016 @ 01:36:38 PM
Posted By : ricerocketboy Reply | Edit | Del
#31, good luck, man.

3-11-2016 @ 09:15:00 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del

I... I got the job. All I have to do now is sign some paperwork, get a physical, and give my two-weeks notice at the Sheriff's Office. (I'll wait to do that until all the paperwork is filed at the new job... never can be too careful)

My pay will go up by $4/hour... and I will actually feel like I matter, rather than just a cog in a machine.

3-12-2016 @ 01:14:49 AM
Posted By : Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#33, Welcome my Son.......... to the Machinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

3-16-2016 @ 01:34:38 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
Paperwork signed. Physical/drug screen done. Two-weeks memo submitted at Sheriff's Office. This is happening. HOLY SHIT THIS IS HAPPENING. I start April 4th.

7-03-2016 @ 11:23:14 AM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
My three months probation is up at the new job. My boss is very happy with me. My coworkers are happy with me. The manager at the very top appears to be happy with me (though, he's hard to read)...

I feel like I matter. What I do affects those around me and helps with what they're doing... and the commute is soooo much nicer. (Though, my commute does take me through Cocoa Beach, which can get jammed up with lost tourists ever so often...)

7-03-2016 @ 01:39:49 PM
Posted By : ricerocketboy Reply | Edit | Del
So happy for you, man.

7-03-2016 @ 01:51:30 PM
Posted By : Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
Friday was my second anniversary of working in Sales for Parts Europe GmbH in Trier, Germany. It meant moving out of my parent's flat and moving to a different country to start a life on my own. What a difference. For the first time in my life I do not feel like I have to prove every second I'm not a useless waste of space and I get paid a wage that allows me to comfortably support myself and even have a hobby. I'm still having some mental stumbles every now and then, but overall things are looking up.

7-03-2016 @ 02:30:02 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
#38, "For the first time in my life I do not feel like I have to prove every second I'm not a useless waste of space and I get paid a wage that allows me to comfortably support myself and even have a hobby."

Dude. That is EXACTLY the experience I've been going through the past five years... it's... it's a great feeling.

7-03-2016 @ 05:04:21 PM
Posted By : Sensekhmet Reply | Edit | Del
#39, Indeed. I am not coming back home unless I can get a job where I don't have to be grateful that the boss even allows me to work and unless I can earn a wage that allows me to feel some dignity and self worth (I get paid shit, therefore my work is worth shit, therefore I am a useless piece of shit...), not to mention unless Poland goes back to having a government that does not run a 1930s Germany LARP. I guess I'm not much of a patriot.

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