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Picture Information
URL: http://riceornot.ricecop.com/?auto=62169
Submitted by: 427 Vette
Comments: 18  (Read/Post)     Favorites: 2  (View)
Submitted on: 04-03-2007
View Stats Category: Car
Japanese market Taurus SHO



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4-03-2007 @ 08:46:40 PM
Posted By : Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
I looked at the pic and before I read the description I was like, "No way that's a Taurus...".

4-03-2007 @ 08:49:28 PM
Posted By : 454Nova Reply | Edit | Del
i will never understand the fascination with the Taurus, SHO or not

4-03-2007 @ 08:52:31 PM
Posted By : three50one Reply | Edit | Del
#2, me either

4-03-2007 @ 08:54:14 PM
Posted By : Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
#2, They're arguably some of the best domestic passenger sedans ever made.

4-03-2007 @ 08:59:31 PM
Posted By : three50one Reply | Edit | Del
#4, inexpensive, decent reliability, safe to drive, ahead of its time in the beginning and middle, saved ford once....uhhh

as far as good cars go....its a good car....it has its fault mind you....but you cant argue the fact that its a good car

oh...and SHOs kick ass......i never understood the fascination with Novas btw...ive always hated them...theyre ugly and cumbersome

4-03-2007 @ 09:02:18 PM
Posted By : Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
#5, 100% True, oh yeah Tahoes suck too :p

4-03-2007 @ 09:06:04 PM
Posted By : three50one Reply | Edit | Del
#6, im not a truck or SUV guy....the less i drive either the happier i am

vans though.....vans are totally different (even though astros and S10's shared basically the same frame)

4-03-2007 @ 09:16:46 PM
Posted By : Subourbon187 Reply | Edit | Del
#7, I like driving cars and trucks equally; my Suburban on one hand is a blast to drive, it's big and loud and turns heads wherever it goes, but it's more of the vintage factor than anything else. My Chrysler isn't too exciting to drive simply because it's a 140hp motor in a 2 ton body with rear leaf springs, ugh. But personally I'd rather have a car as an everyday driver, simply because I don't really have any use for something with a lot of torque and a big empty bedspace or something that sucks up gas or is 8 feet in the air.

4-03-2007 @ 09:53:17 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
Looks very similar to the Australian-market Taurus... both countries utilizing RHD vehicles, that's probably not a coincidence.

4-03-2007 @ 09:55:55 PM
Posted By : 454Nova Reply | Edit | Del
oO(note to self: sell Nova and Tahoe and purchase Ford Taurus)

4-03-2007 @ 10:03:58 PM
Posted By : three50one Reply | Edit | Del
#9, VERY similar....as far as interior goes...the only difference i see is the oval football control for the radio is reverse in this one...pointing the correct way for the driver...australian market had it pointing as though it were left hand drive...at least in photos ive seen

i really want a center console e-brake god damnit....fuck that pedal shit

1-01-2008 @ 01:38:11 PM
Posted By : Adambomb Reply | Edit | Del
#9, Yep, looks the same to me, too.

9-29-2019 @ 03:07:09 PM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
Honestly, if the '96 Taurus had looked like this in America, maybe the sales wouldn't have taken quite as sharp of a hit.

The USDM '96 Taurus' original fascia, with the separate headlights/pimple turn signals didn't look good then, and certainly hasn't aged any better, either.

9-29-2019 @ 06:32:50 PM
Posted By : Driven_out Reply | Edit | Del
I disagree, this taurii nose looks a bit more awkward. it wouldn't have done any better

9-30-2019 @ 08:19:45 AM
Posted By : Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#13, I might be in the minority that didn't mind the front but thought the rear end was an elliptical nightmar, a ROUND rear window? Why? Tail lamps that follow any contour they feel like? 10 years too early for that.....

The redesign fixed that, only to, IMHO, now ruin the front with the pizza-wedge headlights

9-30-2019 @ 09:36:59 AM
Posted By : ricerocketboy Reply | Edit | Del
#15, agreed on both. I like both cars, but I prefer the rear of the 2000 car with the front of the '96-99

9-30-2019 @ 01:44:54 PM
Posted By : Skid Reply | Edit | Del
#15, Same here. The back of that Taurus looked absurd....which is why the Sable of the same generation was so much better-looking.

9-30-2019 @ 06:11:44 PM
Posted By : wannabemustangjockey  Reply | Edit | Del
Coming from a family that always had a Taurus as my dad's company car when I was growing up (1989 GL and 1994 GL), I hated all Taurus and Sables made between '96 and '99. Personally I thought the 2000+ Taurus was ... tolerable, but not something I'd ever want. I still think the '94-95 Taurus is a handsomely styled car, I just wish they had better head gaskets, transmissions and interior materials.

My friend's '94 SHO is brilliant, on those rare days when it works.

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