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Picture Information
URL: http://riceornot.ricecop.com/?auto=30481
Submitted by: Obsidian
Comments: 12  (Read/Post)     Favorites: 0  (View)
Submitted on: 02-19-2004
View Stats Category: Off-topic
If their numbers were equal - who would have a bigger collective arrogant fanboy following?

Those with Mk4 TTSupra's - or those with LS1 powered F-bodies?


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2-19-2004 @ 11:31:07 PM
Posted By : Bling24 Reply | Edit | Del
Skyline fanboys beat them both, by far

2-20-2004 @ 01:30:12 AM
Posted By : DA_MAISTA Reply | Edit | Del
And even they are beaten by us WRX-fanboys.

2-23-2004 @ 10:59:45 AM
Posted By : DiRF  Reply | Edit | Del
That's not the REAL Fanboy! 24620

2-23-2004 @ 11:01:50 AM
Posted By : mr_mcmunkee Reply | Edit | Del


[Edited by mr_mcmunkee on 2-23-2004 @ 11:02:12 AM]

6-02-2004 @ 11:52:43 PM
Posted By : Altima35se2003 Reply | Edit | Del
i am one of 2 altima fan boys here! well, the one of the good altima's, 2002-later 3.5se's! i'm not rally a fan boy, i just base my opinion is based on my limited personal experience and ricecop.com

8-02-2004 @ 12:02:20 AM
Posted By : Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
My vote goes to Supra fanboys, at least the LS1 fanboys generaly don't impersonate themselves as washed-up advertizing mascots for cheap mail-order computer systems

Just ask Skid if you don't know about that one

8-02-2004 @ 12:11:56 AM
Posted By : Bling24 Reply | Edit | Del
#6, Rocketier-Racer....................

8-02-2004 @ 10:37:48 AM
Posted By : solid_snake Reply | Edit | Del
tell 'em steve dave

8-02-2004 @ 12:47:38 PM
Posted By : Skid Reply | Edit | Del
#6, Bingo. F-body fanboys are usually at least actual racers/mechanics. It seems the majority of Supra fanboys are just teenagers who've seen The Fast and the Furious too many times.

Plus, I can understand enthusiasm for the LS1 Fbody, since there was nothing quite like it when they were being built. The Supra, OTOH, is just a regular turbo'ed GT. In Japan alone, the RX7 and the 300ZX TT were competitive. Of course, nevermind the similar numbers...if you told the guys on www.toyota-supra.com that, they'd reply with the requisite "no they aren't equal, those cars were sold as competitors, but they aren't as good".

8-02-2004 @ 12:49:36 PM
Posted By : kstagger Reply | Edit | Del
if I was into japanese cars - I would probably take a 300ZX twin-turbo over the Supra, but that's just because I've been a more of a Nissan man than a Toyota ever since I got into cars...

8-02-2004 @ 12:52:07 PM
Posted By : Low-Tech Redneck Reply | Edit | Del
#9, Yeah, most of the LS1 and even LT1 fanboys out there at least OWN the damn car they're so fanboyish about....

SUpra fanboys are by and large 15-20 year olds who are just getting into cars and have bough into the mythology of the supra and VIOLENTLY lash out at those who try to deflate thier fantasy world where magical "jap technology" makes anything superior

8-02-2004 @ 12:54:30 PM
Posted By : Skid Reply | Edit | Del
#10, If only talking about a Japanese GT, I'd take the MkIV Supra over the 300ZX and I'd take the 300ZX over the 3000GT. But I'd take an FD RX-7 over all of them.

#11, Yeah, the ones who seriously believe the Supra is an "exotic".

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