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Picture Information
URL: http://riceornot.ricecop.com/?auto=28030
Submitted by: KrisH
Comments: 31  (Read/Post)     Favorites: 1  (View)
Submitted on: 10-27-2003
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Here are my cars:
'71 Chevelle- built 355, Crane cam, roller-rockers, Holley high-rise intake and Street Avenger 770 carb, K&N filter w/X-Stream lid. DynoMax shorty headers, dual Flowmasters, dual electric fans, B&M Starshifter, 2500RPM stall converter, stage 2 shift kit.
'84 El Camino SS-crate 350, Edelbrock RPM intake & headers, Q-jet 750, Flowmaster exhaust, K&N filter,B&M Quicksilver shifter


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10-27-2003 @ 04:09:05 AM
Posted By : KrisH Reply | Edit | Del
Other things I couldn't fit into the description:
Now both cars have Pro-Star wheels. Welds on the Chevelle and Cragars on the Camino. This is an older picture of the cars. I have since taken off the air dam on the El Camino and installed BellTech 2 inch dropped spindles. The Chevelle's running 295/50 tires on the back but unfortunately, it's still got pretty high gears. Makes it fun on the highway though!

10-27-2003 @ 04:11:11 AM
Posted By : Biohazard Reply | Edit | Del
OMG!! 0_o

What is a 19 y/o doing with cars this bad ass!? Im jealous as hell. Very very nice. Did you do all the work yourself?

Allow me to be the first to vote these beauties a 1.

10-27-2003 @ 04:17:04 AM
Posted By : KrisH Reply | Edit | Del
Did all the work on the El Camino with my dad. He got me into Chevy's. The El Camino was bone stock and in almost perfect condition when we bought it. The engine went to hell on us (the lame 305) so we swapped in a 350 crate motor just 2 weeks ago. The Chevelle is a joint effort on mine and my dad's parts. Meaning we both own it but I drive it more than he does. The engine was already pretty built when we got it but we had the whole top half of the motor rebuilt and added the new headers, carb, and fans.

I love my cars!

p.s. The Chevelle bagged me "Best Car" my Senior year in High School ('02.)

10-27-2003 @ 04:21:41 AM
Posted By : Biohazard Reply | Edit | Del
#3, Thats damn nice man. Yeah, those 305s are pretty pathetic unfortunately. Nice choice of replacement. I love the color on the Chevelle too. Looks beastly. :-) Have you been able to take it to the strip yet?

p.s. All the "best cars" at my school were hondas and suvs. :-P I personally would rather own the car I got than those POSs that won at my school. At least mine is faster. :-P

10-27-2003 @ 04:32:35 AM
Posted By : KrisH Reply | Edit | Del
The 'Best Cars' before mine were a '69 Skylark with a 383 stroker, and a '70 Camaro SS. So I was in good company! The girl that won it with me my senior year had a beautiful blue '69 SS Camaro with white racing stripes. Unfortunately it was totaled recently when she got hit by a truck. She was okay, at least, not badly hurt and she then went on to buy a '68 from what I hear. I haven't taken either car to the strip yet. Well, not really at least. We ran the Chevelle, but turns out that one of our pushrods was chewed up and a lifter was almost completely sideways inside the engine (thus resulting in our rebuild) so we ran shitty times. Low 15's on 7 cylinders I always say. I figure now it should be hitting low 14's or high 13's but that's optimistic. We need better rear end gears as well. If I take it this year, I'll post my time slips.

10-27-2003 @ 04:37:55 AM
Posted By : Biohazard Reply | Edit | Del
#5, Damn, you must have gone to some rich school. Mine was pretty rich too, but they all spent it on big expensive suvs and brand new hondas. My Volvo was one of the cleanest old cars there. The only old muscle was a 71 Nova that was treated like a total beater.

I hope to take my car to the strip sometime too. Its only $20 so I figure it will be good for some laughs. 13s for your car sound reasonable. I figure mine will run a mind blowing low 17. :-P Oh well, it gets me from point A to point B and takes shit as I hand it out.

10-27-2003 @ 04:47:29 AM
Posted By : KrisH Reply | Edit | Del
Not really a rich school. I live in a town of about 30K people, and there's lots of room out here, so it's a good place to own a classic. You don't ever worry about traffic! Plenty of rice at school too, which is typical. They kind of feared/respected me (my cars,) which was funny, because they were the popular kids. I was the band nerd/quiet-type that was friends with everybody and nobody at the same time, so it was funny to see them approach me and try and talk cars. Most of the time people ended up surprised that I knew my shit. There were always rumors about me going up to the marked quarter mile and kicking someone's ass at the races on Friday nights, which was funny, because I rarely ever street raced. I just asked "So who did I smoke this weekend?" My girlfriend, who graduated a year after me always told me that people still talked about my car whenever I came and picked her up. Funny....

10-27-2003 @ 04:58:01 AM
Posted By : Biohazard Reply | Edit | Del
If anybody ever talks about my car, it usually involves pointing and laughing. :'(
Volvos don't gain you much respect at school. I tried laying down giant strips of rubber for them, but they still just lauged. I dunno. I guess Im just attached to the car. My dad was the original owner of it since I was 1. Oh well. Soon enough, I will own a GM product of some sort. Then we will see who is laughing. :-)

10-27-2003 @ 07:20:04 AM
Posted By : Lemming Reply | Edit | Del
I'm used to having people make fun of my car. The first one required more maintenance than it was worth, and was too much of an "old fogey" car for most people. The last two have been sort of a compromise between power and insurability, and most people think they're sorority-girl cars. *shrug*

10-27-2003 @ 07:21:17 AM
Posted By : Lemming Reply | Edit | Del
Oh, and those are very nice cars you've got there, by the way.

10-27-2003 @ 07:23:06 AM
Posted By : Biohazard Reply | Edit | Del
#10, btw, this is the guy who created this masterpiece: 28011

10-27-2003 @ 07:33:04 AM
Posted By : Lemming Reply | Edit | Del
#11, I see. Cool!

10-27-2003 @ 07:52:39 AM
Posted By : kstagger Reply | Edit | Del
very nice... the engine combo in the El-Cam is what I'm looking for in my monte ss.

10-27-2003 @ 10:25:12 AM
Posted By : MxCx Reply | Edit | Del
Aside from the color, thats about what my gf's goin for with her 83. Nice work on both of em. Im less of a fan of the single lamp headlights tho, i like the 70 Chevelles a bit more than the 71/72, but thats just me and Id still take either style.

10-27-2003 @ 10:31:52 AM
Posted By : SuperDave479 Reply | Edit | Del
Nice cars! I'm really liking the Chevelle!

10-27-2003 @ 10:49:49 AM
Posted By : kstagger Reply | Edit | Del
that '71 SS must scare the piss out of the ricers... looks mean!

10-27-2003 @ 10:55:41 AM
Posted By : stang392 Reply | Edit | Del
#16, blah its low tech

10-27-2003 @ 11:02:52 AM
Posted By : Adambomb Reply | Edit | Del

10-27-2003 @ 11:05:26 AM
Posted By : Adambomb Reply | Edit | Del
some kid at my High School had a 70 Mustang coupe don't tknow what was in it though

10-27-2003 @ 11:09:05 AM
Posted By : Adambomb Reply | Edit | Del
I also saw another 71-73 mustang recently, a 71-73 red fastback. these thing seem to have been popping up a lot recently around here

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